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Psychologs is a magazine that aims to provide insightful and informative articles on various aspects of Mental Health and Psychology. The magazine is designed to appeal to both professionals in the field of psychology as well as the general public who are interested in understanding human behavior and Psychological Issues.

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Replacing 30 Minutes of social media With Exercise Can Improve Mental Health

People began spending more time than usual on social media during the COVID era to get their minds off of

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NCERT Issues Guidelines for The Early Detection of Mental Health Issues in Students

The NCERT has released guidelines for schools, including the establishment of a mental health advisory council, the implementation of a

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International Mental Health Fair 2021

It is an immense pleasure that Psychologs Magazine is organizing “International Mental Health Fair 2021” between 15th March 2021 to

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Mobile phones and depression have a great connect. Many people are unable to understand the co-relation between the two but

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20,000 Calls in Two Months- Mental Health Helpline Meets Success

Mental health hotlines are the onset for obtaining help for mental illness. These hotline operators have an approach to a

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

Alzheimer’s Disease The psychological process of encoding, storing, and retrieving information is referred to as memory. Human memory is divided

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What is Health Psychology? Its role in treating illness

Overview: Health psychology is a branch of psychology that that emphasizes how behavioral, biological, social and psychological factors impact the

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Are You Feeling Lonely Most of the Time: Know The Reason Behind It!

Loneliness is a human emotion that is subjective in experience and expression based on individual differences. Loneliness is a state

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Applications are invited for the posts of PGT Psychology and PRT special educator in the Army Public School of Kolkata

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How The Brain Structure Become Changes In Anorexia Patients

The basic variations in brain anatomy between those with and without anorexia nervosa have been discovered by a team of

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