Arvind Otta

Arvind Otta

Editor in Chief
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Dr. Arvind Otta (Ph.D.) is an eminent Gold Medalist Indian Psychologist and also one of the popular mental health professionals in India who has contributed immensely toward awareness of mental health. He has been working towards spreading awareness in the society promoting mental health to the masses and dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and compassion with others with a vision to making our society a comfortable place to talk about mental health.Dr. Otta did his Bachelors in Psychology from Jamia Milia Islamia then, he then did his Masters in Psychology. After completing his M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from CIP, he got his Doctorate degree in Psychology from Ambedkar University.Dr. Otta blends his knowledge to design various courses including "Certificate course in counselling and psychotherapy" with SPM College, Delhi University. He also started entrepreneurship in the field of Psychopathology and Psychoeducation. Approx five hundred mental health professionals are associated with Dr. Otta.Dr. Otta has helped more than 3000 students to be successful mental health professionals. He is indeed, one of the best educators in the field of Psychology withholding many years of experience in the industry.Dr. Otta had an exclusive interest in research which leads to the origination of Psychologs Magazine, India’s only mental health-based print magazine. Psychologs has conducted various events on a national as well as international level to spread awareness for mental health under the supervision of Dr. Otta. The magazine reaches out to more than 90,000+ readers every month. Connecting people on a mass level, to spread awareness and educate them about the mental health issues and motivate them to stand against the societal stigmas and break the taboos. Dr. Otta is playing the responsibility of the Editor in chief at Psychologs Magazine along with a few renowned members like Gopa Bhardwaj, Former HOD and Dean of Social Science, Delhi University; C.R. Mukundan, Former HOD, NIMHANS; Uday K Sinha Additional Professor & HOD, IHBAS Delhi; Jai Prakash HOD Clinical Psychology, RINPAS; Virendra Pratap Yadav, HOD Psychology Department, SPM College, Delhi University. Dr. Otta organizes various events, where Professionals across the globe came together at a platform to talk about unspoken topics. His belief is to equip with the knowledge and the required resources for the improvement of the mental health issues in India. Dr. Otta has been taking a stand and reaching out to people with mental health issues, to help them overcome their difficulties.Dr. Otta has written various books in Psychology and Mental Health:Perceptual Processes (ISBN: 978-93-91724-30-6) Biopsychology - Key Points 2022 Edition (978-93-91724-69-6) M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (978-81-93818-61-9) Depression in Childhood (978-93-91724-36-8) Social Media Addiction in Adolescents (978-93-91724-54-2)

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