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NEET Controversy and Re-examination: What about Students?

The Centre informed the Supreme Court that the grace marks awarded to 1,563 NEET-UG 2024 students will be cancelled, and.

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Perception: Approaches and Perceptual Organisation 

We often hear our elders saying that “what you see, hear or feel is not always what it seems”. What.

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Industrial Life Style

The Essential Guide to Achieving Work-Life Balance  

In today’s world, everyone struggles between their professional responsibilities and personal lives. People either immerse themselves solely in work, finding.

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Is Greenery the Real Green Flag?

A recent study highlights the impact of greenery on mental well-being. However, the peace from being in nature has been.

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Are Green Diamonds Even a Thing? What You Must Know About This Beautiful Conundrum

Whenever a rare gemstone like the glistening diamond comes to remembrance, one’s mind is bound to drift to ‘colourless glory.’.

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