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World Brain Tumour Day: Importance of healthy brain for mental wellness

Every year, the 8th of June is marked as the World Brain Tumour Day. The German Brain Tumour Association started.

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Crime News

A man killed his live-in partner and cut the body into pieces: Mumbai

Another horrifying event involves the police’s capture of Manoj Sane, 56, for the savage killing of his live-in partner. Their.

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Ovarian Cancer Early Detection & the Effect on Mental Wellbeing

Today let’s look at an important topic that affects women across the globe! Wondering what we are talking about? Well,.

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Early intervention is a crucial factor in minimizing learning disabilities

Learning disabilities are refer to a range of conditions that affect an individual’s ability to acquire, process, or retain information.

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Why do you feel good after shopping? Let’s understand the retail therapy  

Nowadays it is very common to find people turning to this activity of shopping whenever they seem to have imbalances.

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