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Cataplexy: Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

Cataplexy happens when solid emotions (like laughter, excitement, or anger) trigger sudden, brief strong weakness when you’re awake. It’s one.

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Positive Self Help

Strategies for Finding Joy in Solo Holidays Moments

Who doesn’t like to go on a vacation with family and friends? but at times one needs to make a.

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Leading Through Learning: Strategies for Continuous Growth and Adaptation

In a world that never stands still, the ability to adapt to changes and learn new things is more than.

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How to Deal with Critical People?

Criticism can be difficult to process sometimes. Especially when it is a recurring phenomenon. Criticism was defined as negative feedback.

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Self Help

9 Healthy Ways to Channel Anger and Find Inner Peace

Human behaviour is vividly complex and we possess a variety of emotions. A common misconception around emotions is that of.

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