The Mental Health of Household Women

The Mental Health of Household Women

Household women

Women working in household plays an important role when it comes to managing the home or providing support for children and elders and caring for them, they play an active role in shaping society. Hence, it’s important that their mental health should be taken care of. They often faces issues that require special attention. WHO that is, the World Health Organization conducted a study which found that in comparison with males, females are likely to experience more anxiety and depression. This fact is particularly true for women who are managing a household. They are prone to face financial insecurity and social isolation.

Some common problems that affect their mental health:
  • Social isolation: Women stay alone in the home for a longer period. Some even have young children and elders to take care of. This can ultimately make them feel isolated from the outer world and they feel lonely, not able to communicate with society well, and feel depressed.
  • Financial: Most of the women in households don’t get paid or have any source of income, or they have jobs where they get paid less which in turn leads to an increase in financial stress and anxiety.

Mental health plays a great role in the well-being of household women. Those with mental health illness are more likely to get affected by health problems which includes diabetes, and stroke, and becomes severe leading to heart disease as well. They also experience more emotional imbalance and can engage in risky behavior and get involved in act of self-harm and substance abuse. Mental health also affects their ability in managing family affairs as well. Women suffering from depression have a lack of energy and are demotivated to complete their household work or care for their children and family. Those with anxiety experience difficulty in socializing, leading in difficulty in managing relationships with friends and families.

Mental health

It is very important to make household women aware of mental health conditions and its impact on their betterment of life. Some steps can be taken in order to grow awareness like:

  • Increasing awareness: Awareness regarding mental health is really important and issues related to it must be understood well by the household women and their families. The use of education campaigns, making support groups, and conducting seminars and webinars are some of the small steps that can have a fruitful impact when it comes to increasing awareness.
  • Reduce stigma: Stigmas that are associated with mental illness can be prevented like, women who seek help for their mental health problems.
  • Access to mental health care: There should be a special focus on household women’s mental health, Governments, and other stakeholders should increase funds for mental health services. There is a dire need to expand the mental health workforce and make these services more accessible.
Communities and families can also support household women in the following ways:
  • Emotional support: Listening to them without any kind of judgment. Say a few words of encouragement, and spend a few hours with them.
  • Help: One can provide them support by helping them out in their daily routine like household chores, taking care of children or elderly people, transportation, or related practical tasks. Families and communities can also connect with them by providing them enough time for rest.
  • Professional help: Household women suffering from mental health challenges should seek professional care and help and should get assistance from professionally licensed mental health professionals. Families and communities can also help household women by providing them with transportation for the duration of appointments.
Strategies for Support and Empowerment

The mental health of household women is an issue of utmost importance, which needs immediate attention. Encouraging household women to have specific amount of rest and have a significant amount of break from their responsibilities, this can include spending time for indoor activities, reading, talking to friends or family members, etc. They should develop a network of supportive friends and family members, and also they should start developing hobbies in which they feel interested or love doing.

Household women should be taught some stress management techniques like relaxation techniques or meditation. One can also provide them with some good stress management and meditation camp programs, which they enjoy. Lastly, it’s the duty of families and communities to be supportive, responsible, and understanding when a household woman is experiencing mental health challenges. Offer any help or assistance required and encourage her to get professional help if it’s necessary. It is crucial to note that mental health is as important as physical health and with the inclusion of steps that encourage, promote, and create awareness regarding mental health for household women, one can contribute in creating a healthy and happier community.

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