Does Self-Belief Unlock The Wide Range Of Potential Within You? How?
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Does Self-Belief Unlock The Wide Range Of Potential Within You? How?

The life that we have is full of difficulties and challenges. And amidst those challenges, we hold our little world of dreams that we have created for ourselves. Belief is the key that you should hold onto yourself to unlock the broadest possible range of potential within you. This is because an idea is often conceived that a person has the whole universe within oneself. So nothing is impossible to achieve. The lessons that life teaches you to build you into a firm and better person along the path of life’s journey.

Self-Assurance is the key.

Are you a person suffering from low self-confidence? Many of you must relate to a situation where you found yourself stuck with the job or your relationships, and you are dissatisfied with what is happening to you. You have dreams, but due to a lack of confidence within yourself, you are unable to move forward. So to develop that confidence within you, the first thing is to awaken that self-belief. It is an all-powerful weapon against a lack of confidence that a person often clutches on to. 

Now, as to why self-belief is so important in achieving the goals of life?

When you start to believe in yourself, things become more transparent and give you a clear sight of your substantial wishes for the attainment of the goals you want to achieve for yourself. Self-doubt raises a thousand questions and gives birth to several doubts as to how you will reach your ultimate destination. Attaining that highest form of belief leads you to live the life you want for yourself without making any compromise, and it also opens up unlimited possibilities and avenues in your life. It builds a firm ground for the abilities and accomplishments you can achieve.

Power of Belief.

A belief is something inbuilt. It is not taught by others. It is a self-adaption tool and a weapon against oneself to let the person grow. You must have seen that the person who has strong faith in themselves has emerged as a powerful character and has shown the world an incredible transformation of them. It has shaped up a lot of people. It acts as a weapon to change the mindset of the people. The ability to believe in one’s self lies in every person. Often this is misconstrued, disregarded, or ignored by us. But once when you understand it, it works like a miracle.

When it shapes the doings, and you put all your attention to one thought, that idea is said to be a belief, and it can influence you consciously or unconsciously.

When you talk of belief, it is simply not a mere thought that passes by. It is strong and powerful. You can have any random ‘n’ number of thoughts flashing up in your mind, and not necessarily all the thinking you hold are appropriate. Belief is authoritative and fundamental and also prescribes how you should look at the different things around you, the different perspectives on our environment, and this goes on to affect the decisions we take. Let’s take a few examples of how your belief can impact your own decisions.

  1. If you believe you are not good enough to achieve your dreams, then you won’t be able to do so, and you might stop dreaming big the next time.
  2. If you believe you are shy and cannot go and speak, then you might not make conversations with anyone, or you might not participate in any competition related to speaking.
  3. If you believe that you are not good at writing, then probably you won’t have that will to write anymore.
  4. If you believe that success in life is not a good one, then you will miss opportunities intentionally every time you get them in life.


Beliefs are always self-created, and it has nothing to do with real existence.

Now that when you speak of belief so much, you must want to know about the sources also. It always comes from one’s inner self. Yes, the source lies within you itself. Your beliefs are powerless unless you create something big out of it. What has been mentioned earlier here is that your inner faith is never a reality or a truth. So when you give power to the belief that comes to you, it takes its form and shape, and it gets bigger and stronger. Amidst all of this, you must have realized the inner talks that people do with one’s self, based on which they create their own set of beliefs. The conversation which takes place with the self takes place either consciously or unconsciously. The talks need to be in your favour. The more miserable conversation you have within yourself, the more dreadful you turn out to be. Another source of belief arises from external factors. You must agree with the fact that a lot of our ideas does get influenced by others. We always tend to believe what others say to us rather then what we say to ourselves. The people around us determine our thoughts like our parents, friends, colleagues, relatives, spouse, etc. These are the external factors that help us in taking our life’s choices, be it personal or professional. If you want to set your priorities right and explore the broad potentials, you need to reprogram the beliefs that come from others and influence your self-belief.

Let us understand the attributes of belief :

To seriously make a change in your life, these attributes of belief are highly significant to make use of most of your potentials. 

 1) Belief is an authority: Just because you don’t have a supportive environment, that doesn’t mean you are not capable of unleashing the potential that can give you success in life. It is your duty and responsibility to take charge of your life and do something with it. The strength of belief lies in yourself. It is you who shall decide that in which way you want to hold your notions. A strong and positive trust can change your life for the better. You have to develop your confidence within yourself and move forward in life with full positivity. To gain positivity and make your belief your impregnable column, you can always hang out with like-minded people, read success stories of people, read motivational quotes and also try to distance from the people who discourage you with negativity.

2) Belief is an art:  If you too want a life full of success, then you need to know the art of hard work, conviction, and patience. And also master the art of self-belief. People with success have always made their belief so strong that it shakes other’s intentions. There are higher chances that people will misguide you, show a lack of faith towards you, try to discourage you, will try to prove your theories wrong but here, the art of believing needs to be so strong that it makes others trust a run-down in front of yours. When others see a firm finding, they automatically place their faith in you and start believing what you say. But if they encounter that you are shaken and have no hold on your feelings, they may take a turn and might not support you even if you are right in your assessments.

3) Belief is natural endowment: When you take a firm step in your life, you will see people thinking of you as a self-interested or a selfish person. They don’t appreciate your decision or choices which you take. The world may judge you for your ambitions and goals, but don’t let other’s decisions influence yours. Your inner energies of self-belief can not only change you but can also bring about a transformation for the whole world, which judges you even at the slightest of the things. The belief can be a possessed gift to oneself. And it can be a bliss to others and self who need it the most in times of distress. When you feel the community is facing a challenge to believe, you can give them an understanding of it and help them to mutate their lives.

The outcome of belief:

As you start believing yourself, you can start seeing results too. So here are a few of them:

1) You begin to live your life passionately: Everyone can dream and can run behind them blindly. But how many dare to achieve them with passion and make things work in their favour? Living life with intensity is the ultimate thing to reach your goals.

2) You are introduced to unusual chances: The more you keep faith in yourself, and the more number of attempts you take in life, the more exposure to opportunities you will get for yourself. Success depends on the amount of risk you took in life or are willing to take. It doesn’t happen by luck or by chance. You have to create a way to make it happen. The people who are successful today are because they have given themselves a fair chance or opportunities.

3) You stay focused and do extra:  Staying focused depends on how strong your beliefs are towards achieving your dream. When you leave the impression to your brain that you are strong-headed about your goals, it knows what to attract or what to discard. And also, you go the extra mile to do things irrespective of the distractions that come your way. It helps you do more and without a skip in actions.

Conclusion :

Believing in oneself is no science of study. It only requires simple understandings of things. The day you find it easy, others will find it easy too. There remains nothing in the end but this very ‘BELIEF’.

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