Mission Mode: India’s Approach to Deal with Mental Health Crisis

Mission Mode: India’s Approach to Deal with Mental Health Crisis

The Ministry of State (MOs) for Health and Family Welfare has introduced an initiative called Mission Mode to address the growing mental health concern in India. In a national conference at Vigyan Bhawan held by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Bharti Pravin Pawar the union minister of MoS stated the concern regarding the concerns related to mental that exist in the society and the stigma around it.

From Awareness to Action

In the past, several measures have been taken by the Government of India to tackle mental health problems but due to the attitudes and misunderstandings existing in the society about mental health, it requires more effort to address this critical issue.

In recent years mental health problems have increased at an alarming rate worldwide, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Millions have lost their life and suffered the loss of their loved ones, several others have lost and their job and their source of income. such hardships have worsened the already existing mental health problems causing a large number of the population to suffer from anxiety, stress severe depression and other mental health problems in silence.

Prime Minister Modi’s Vision

India is no exception in that case. Acknowledging the need of the hour the Indian government has taken a significant step to recognize the increasing mental health problems and public health issues. This transformative plan taken under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It aims to create awareness regarding mental health and reduce the stigma associated. It is to ensure that a sufficient number of resources and support are available for those who required mental care.

The mission mode approach is a focused and goal-oriented step that involves the collaborative effort of various public and private health sectors of the country such as health care professionals, Doctors, experts, NGOs, policymakers, and the community to deal with the mental health crisis.

What to expect from Mission Mode?
1. Raising Awareness:

One the main objectives behind the Mission mode is to increase awareness about mental health problems in society. It aims to promote a better understanding of the issues and reduce the stigma surrounding changing the attitude toward mental illness.

2. Improving Access to primary healthcare:

The government has recognized the need to address mental health issues and how mental health services are available to everyone who is in need. Efforts will be made to improve health infrastructures under this initiative so that people could more easily access mental healthcare facilities. And, services regardless of age, gender, and geographic location.

3. Using Technology to deal with mental health problems:

The use of technology and digital methods to assist the common citizen in need is one of the objectives of his plan. This step would reduce the gap between the need and assistance of health care. With the help of online consultation and counselling services, every person would avail the necessary support and care.

4. Quick response to an emergency:

In order to provide help in case of health emergencies the government will form 24/7 helpline centres. These helpline centres would quickly respond to mental health emergencies and provide support by connecting people with mental health professionals.

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