Is Life Merely A Struggle Or Is It More Than That?
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Is Life Merely A Struggle Or Is It More Than That?

We are all so occupied and busy in our life that we have forgotten what it’s like to live and feel happy. We have become nothing but stressed and frustrated individuals who are having a tough time coping with their life. Each one of us wants to feel what it’s like to live again, to be relaxed and calm, devoid of stress and frustration and enjoy every moment to its fullest. We have become so ignorant that we have stopped caring about things, once we used to love and care about. However it’s never too late. Giving importance to ourselves and our family is not a mere choice, it is a responsibility. Life is meaningful & precious and its true value is made by us in our own minds but first we have to get rid of blindfold and explore our life from a different angle apart from what we have been taught. Our society has taught us that life is a struggle and one has to fight and survive, however life is more than that, in a very true sense ”it is a journey combined with pleasant and unpleasant instances, a beautiful path filled with the perfect combination of happiness and sadness’’. In short, it is a thrilling ride which never fails to scare us, surprise us and make us laugh.

Life is really simple, but people insist on making it complicated. The moment we are born our perception and thinking about life and its various attributes is blindfolded by the speculation of materialism created by society which not only makes us forget about ourselves but also manipulates us to choose money over family. Moreover, we barely get to know about importance of family and self-love and we continue to live our life as it is, where money is everyone’s priority and relationships and social attachment is given least importance. The blindfold is removed when we feel bliss, when we feel blessed to show gratitude to things we have, regardless of what we have failed to get or tried to get, the most important thing is to show love and care to things we have and which contributes in making our life much happier. However, we at many instances mess up and fail to show regard and care to things we love and we let them go or simply start ignoring them, but once they are permanently gone we regret and live with a burden on our heart. Many times we hear individuals saying I love my parents and friends but I am not able to express my love to them, such scenarios give rise to misunderstandings and conflicts between the relationships. Therefore, it is very important that one must show love and affection to things they care about, the only medium to show your loved ones that they have a great importance in your life is to care about them, listen to them and show them love. Love has no form, a hug or a kiss or a positive gesture is enough to make another person feel lovable. People, who care about you and support you, make them feel special and be grateful to them. There is no harm in expressing your emotions to people. A person is said to be successful not only if he has achieved his goals instead a person is considered to be successful in true sense when he has strong bonds with friends and family, focus and effectiveness at work and a good health. A good support system and accomplishment of goals determines the success of an individual.

Life becomes more beautiful when we start to possess self-love. Self-care and self-acceptance is really necessary and important because when we possess a good relationship with ourselves, our social life and relations thrive as well. Each individual is different and special. So, we should always accept ourselves as we are because accepting our true self is the first step towards Self-care and self-love. Preferences and choices vary from person to person, there is no need to feel left out and ashamed if you have different preferences. It is your own personal choice; you should always do things that make you feel comfortable and safe. The way you treat yourself sets the standards for others, so approaching a relationship with a strong sense of self is the best way to live. Realize who you are and who you want to be and the moment we begin to accept ourselves, we become more confident and a better person. Follow your passion and follow your heart, do what you like the most but remember your actions should not hurt the feelings of others. Doing things we love and have an interest in gives us immense pleasure and happiness and life no longer seems like a struggle rather we start to enjoy it.

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