Being Vulnerable through time
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Being Vulnerable through time


Strong. They say being strong is the only thing you have to be when everything around you falls apart. Strong is the only option you have. All our lives we have been told to be strong and to be our hero. But in reality, where is the strength to be strong? How can you be strong? When you are standing on a rug that has now been pulled from under you, when your world seems to be falling apart, where do you find this strength? In this moment of chaos and mayhem, all we see is how the world is spinning faster than our control and all that surrounds us is confusion and loss. In these blinding moments, it is tough to talk about being ‘strong’.

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And it’s okay. It’s okay, you don’t have to be strong. It’s okay to take a step back. It’s okay to take a moment to yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Take a moment to let your emotions and feelings sink in. Invite them and let them stay, however, let it not brew in you. Being aware of your emotions is extremely important, as they will guide you in understanding how and what you are feeling and thinking.

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By being self-aware and vulnerable in these moments, you can recognize your bodily responses that are affected by your thoughts and feelings. Through this kind of self-awareness, you can choose to pause in order to decide upon your next action rather than letting your emotions get the best of you. 

Oftentimes, we wonder if there is a way to navigate through these emotions like angst, frustration and anxiety that have been brought upon by chaos. In upheaving times, patiently refocus. Refocus on the here and now. Try to be present in the current moment rather than flowing in the river of your thoughts. Instead of rushing to fix things and being strong enough to change everything, be here.

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Take a moment to stop before making your next move. Take this moment to mentally separate from your thoughts and emotions. Picture your emotions like helium balloons and let them go. Now immerse yourself in the now and use various mindfulness tools like colouring mandalas, yoga, meditation, and journaling. These tools will also help in reducing your anxiety as well as connect you with your purpose. 

Being vulnerable through journaling and meditation, you will connect with your soul. This more than often helps you find your purpose. Knowing who and what you need in this moment will help create paths of self-discovery. Self-discovery will highlight your strengths and capacities. Use them to map your next move. Be curious to see where you may end up next. With this sense of adventure and hopefulness, creatively go seek your newfound passions. But don’t judge yourself and don’t be harsh on yourself if nothing comes out of it. Be patient. 

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Prioritize your relationships and stay in touch. Approach your friends and family to build yourself a support system to share your feelings about this upheaval. It is important to connect with others that will help you grow. You do not need to isolate yourself socially. Use virtual modes to connect with them. You can also find yourself a community where you believe you can safely share like poetry groups, theatre, and share-your-stories groups.

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For at the end of it, remember you are not alone. You have this beautiful group of people to support you through this. Remember how it’s okay to be vulnerable. Explore your raw emotions and let them paint your way towards your goal. Accept the new road maps that you have drawn up and move toward them with full gusto. 

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