The Benefits of Maturity: Gaining Control of Ourselves
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The Benefits of Maturity: Gaining Control of Ourselves

There can be a lot of definitions of maturity such as social, financial, age, and psychological, among others. Everyone achieves it at some or the other rate, many reaching it earlier, whereas some take their time to find it. There are a lot of benefits of being mature and it is also not easy being one. The perspectives one hold from varied experiences gives a spark in the eye that reveals how deeply one understands things. Maturity brings stability and valour in looking at things and acting dignifiedly.

When we are young, we have many thoughts in our minds, sometimes we think we like something, but the next day we tend to hate it with our guts. Our lives are unpredictable, and we do not think of the consequences of our actions. In such an age we tend to make mistakes, and then we learn from them, life may turn topsy-turvy, and we end up offending or making our parents or teachers mad. This is the age of immaturity and each one of us goes through it. Almost all of us grow out of it with time, but many stick to this clingy behaviour even when they are adults. Such childish behaviours often land them in trouble, and they suffer a lot because of their immaturity.

Look out for the Benefits

One needs to understand the problems they have in their life and needs to work on them substantially, this would help them develop and all the peculiarities or traits of their personality converge and rise to build something strong. A hard-working, mature person can get on the way ahead in life and can tackle obstacles more wisely, some of the benefits of maturity are listed below:

1) Self-awareness

Maturity teaches us many things as we experience our life. Self-awareness is one ability thus obtained. As we see things through many lenses, we tend to see ourselves in different shades and observe who we are. We can analyze our actions and even have an opinion about what we did and change the way we do not like being to grow further on.

2) Patience

Maturity allows us to be still and have patience with things. One who is mature knows things do not progress so fast and tend to wait for things as they gather at their own pace. Patience also helps us not make ill judgements and make rash decisions which may hamper our progress.

3) Being a good listener

Maturity makes us listen to other people’s perspectives rather than just imposing our views on them. Listening to other people’s judgements and opinions helps us understand and put forward the right point to have sensible arguments rather than having arguments just for the sake of it.

4) Humility in action

A mature person does not see himself as extravagant or more important than he or she is. They do not take any action without first understanding its consequences and impacts.

5) Gratitude

Immature children presume they deserve everything good that happens to them. Mature people see the big picture and realize how good they have it, compared to most of the world’s population. The more you mature, the more grateful you are for both big and little things in your life.

Importance of Maturity

Maturity can be gained and it is just not only acquired. With the knowledge and information increasing gradually humans naturally become more mature, but some people are more mature with respect to their age also. Thus, it is also an acquired trait. The immature teenager sees the world crumbling and is emotionally volatile. They engage in more risky behaviours and their relationships are unstable. They get angry about things they shouldn’t and react in ways that cause harm to them and others. Many of these behaviours continue in our adulthood, which causes lifestyle problems.

One may even indulge in the usage of drugs to keep their mood stable. Loneliness is also larger when you are immature as you feel disconnected and think that no one understands you, mainly because you also do not understand yourself. There is an incongruence in identity and you blame yourself for things much more and feel guilty for things you shouldn’t.

A road treaded on such a path leads to nowhere and the person starts to analyse and understand the patterns of behaviour causing them harm, but it is not necessary they will. Some people continue to carry out such behaviours until it lands them in much more serious problems for example with the law. But once they start to understand the whole problem with their behaviour they can work towards changing themselves by becoming more mature. They understand that reacting in a volatile manner is going to do nothing but cause more problems. And they understand the different perspectives with which life has to be dealt with, which makes them wiser and gain confidence in themselves. They start to live more stable lives which is fruitful to them as they succeed in achieving their goals and other endeavours of their lives as well.

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