Why Emotional Care During Childhood Is Important for Mental Health
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Why Emotional Care During Childhood Is Important for Mental Health

The early childhood period is considered to be the foundation of human life as the early years may provide a lifelong impact on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If a child was well satisfied in all aspects, then heshe may become the strongest and can be a superior being. At the same time, if their needs weren’t satisfied or they have passed through any traumatic event, they may have low self and can become inferior beings. 

Childhood experience matters! Because this is a period where brain development occurs, particularly from the age period of 0-3 is crucial where the brain development rate is too high. Having positive environments like stable and caring relationships with parents and others and providing supportive and safe environments result in positive development. But not every person gets this environment.

Most people are very concerned and cognizant about raising their children physically but they are failed to realize that all aspects are equally important. In such circumstances, the child is being fed and nurtured properly but their emotional part is being neglected. In such cases, this unpaid emotion can impact adulthood life.

This case was opened up by an Instagram post where the signs and elaborate on how neglected emotions become distressed during adulthood and mentioned 8 warning signs that people may have, They are

  • Feeling frustrated while needing support

  • Struggles in accepting one’s feeling

  • Thinking that you are not important as others

  • Having Low-Esteem

  • Seldom in being nice to yourself

  • Feeling hard to express emotions

  • Wonder if you ask for help

They may also experience,

  • Aggression

  • Depression

  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem

  • Substance use

  • Withdrawing social activity

  • Feeling of victim

Causes of Childhood Neglect

The factor that is involved in child abuse or childhood neglect is as follows.

Parenting style – The major factor involved in worsening childhood experience is parenting style. Most parents try to be good parents in providing for physical needs. But they hardly focus on satisfying some other needs like love, caring, etc. In some cases, even physical needs are also not fulfilled. This is because,

  • Poverty

  • Lack of awareness

  • An unexpected or unplanned child

  • Resentment of anger towards the child

  • Having mental disorder

  • Substance misuse of parents

  • Lack of parenting skills

  • Having own history of neglecting parents

  • Lack of personal fulfillment

  • Due to single parenting

  • Having high expectations toward the child

  • Showing aggressiveness towards child

  • History of having trauma like divorce

  • Withholding love and guidance

  • No parents 

How do overcome it?

Therapies – Many therapies can help people to overcome emotionally neglect

CBT– is the technique where people can able understands their own emotions and are taught some techniques to overcome them.

Family Therapy –It helps both child and parent by making them understand their faults and proving some strategies to overcome them.

Counselling Technique – Sharing your experiences and struggles with the counselor can help you and can provide guidance to overcome and for repressed emotions.

Parenting Classes – In this, the parents have taught about parenting styles and their child’s expectations. The lesson on childhood development should be provided and make parents knowledgeable in child rearing

Some Tips for Parents

  • Be kind and lovable with your child

  • Spending enough time

  • Avoid high expectations

  • Have realistic expectation

  • Be friendly

  • Be more flexible

  • Avoid punishment that can harm your child mentally and physically

  • Practice a reward system with the child

  • Don’t show your emotional burst out on the child

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