The mind-body-soul is an integrated unit

The mind-body-soul is an integrated unit

Man is the only living being which dislikes raw food found in the natural state. All other animals eat things as they are. Man boils, fries, melts, mixes and various other methods and foods in order to satisfy the cravings of the tongue, the eye and the nose. As a consequence, the food value of these articles is either reduced or destroyed. “When the seeds are fried, they do not sprout: that is clear proof that the ‘life force’ is eliminated”. Animal foods are not natural to man. Clinical studies suggest animal foods to be the major cause of cancer, coronary heart diseases, and diabetes among other diseases. Medical studies suggest that:

The Body Has the Power to Heal Itself.”

The intention does have a placebo effect – A belief that a person can override their biology. At least 1/3 rd. of the healing has to do with the placebo effect. When we think positive thoughts we release positive chemicals in our body. When we think negative thoughts we release negative chemicals in our body. It is no accident that we crave a particular food at a particular moment, craving occurs for two reasons:

a) A desire to feel better emotionally
b) To shift our energy levels

Scientific evidence suggests that Indigestion is a psychometric disease which means that it has roots in the mind and manifests in the body. Medical evidence suggests that depression and anxiety can produce loss of appetite or overindulgence of food which leads to either weight loss or weight gain. Acute stress can lead to heart attack, Diabetes or even a DNA change to cause cancer.

Every food craving has mood or energy altering properties”, that will return you to temporary homeostasis, like the brain chemical, ‘Serotonin’ is essential in controlling sleep, mood, and PMS symptoms. The purest part of ourselves is our soul which is very honest and always acknowledges when something amiss. When one craves for chocolate the probable meaning is desiring love, support and encouragement or when one feels like eating ‘chilli’ it is probably meaning wanting excitement and an outlet for stress. The food cravings mean or symbolize something and tell about bodily needs. For example, people who binge on chocolate are unlikely to binge on cheeseburgers or those who overate dairy products are very different from the people who crave for bread. One of the psychoactive food ingredients mostly found in chocolate is phenylethylamine, is the primary ingredient in an illegal “designer drug” called ecstasy, formerly known as MDMA Tyramine and Pyrazine found in coffee pickle cheese etc. are the basis of anti-depressant medications and asthma bronchia –dilators!!

Clinical Food Meditation, Pathya Prana scientifically explains the mood and energy altering properties of each food which helps us see how our appetite perfectly relates to our emotions. According to the author, one needs to be aware of one’s body experience what our body is experiencing. Purity, Patience, Perseverance can help us not be afflicted by any disease as we lead a happier healthier life.

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