Solo Travelling

Solo Travelling

Are you getting moan about going alone? No, please don’t. The fear you face about going alone, safety concerns are blocks between you and your travelling. It seems you are vulnerable to miraculous encounters, isn’t it. Oh! But it’s an incredible experience one should feel at least once in lifetime. You must have heard that solo travel is lonely, boring or unsafe. But it’s not boring as it is projected to be. For some people it’s a liberating experience on contrary, for some it’s a nightmare.


Is there any need for solo travelling? When was the last time you were completely free? Why do you feel stuck in life? Do you remember when you had the whole day to go through all your desires, thoughts and needs?

Travelling alone can be a unique experience and its rewarding too. Travel in group or with partner can distract you away with your own personnel experiences. But, solo travelling brings you close to life and nature, thus helps to cherish little fine things in life. It gives your insight, truth and self-awareness. Once you move, you grow in life with yourself. It’s one of the best measures to avoid stress and fatigue. It’s a total bliss. It has the capacity to change you for better and make your perception change toward life. Basically it’s a kind of self-discovery.

All good things are wild and free -Henry David

A study revealed that, every tenth person travel alone. Recent censes and literature indicate that solo travellers are among the fastest growing segments (Opaschowski, 2006; Jordan and Gibson, 2005; Mehmetoglu, Graham and Larsen, 2001), driven by shifts in social structures as well as lifestyles.

Solo travellers not only desire to have fun but to share experiences and to meet unexpected adventurous journeys and groups. Apart from this, they get inner strength to withstand every storm. Solo travellers take up longer trips than other travellers.

Mintel’s (November 2018) reports revealed that almost 17% of adults took a holiday on their own in the last five years. It is becoming popular day by day. The study also took account of age difference and where they are from. Majority of Asian travellers are aged (18-26). Ages 39 and older are more prominent among Europe and US travellers.

Women are portrayed more as stay-at-home beings. But they are the fastest growing solo travellers. They take break for wellness and for self-actualization too. They live and create their own memories. Cuba is the place where female solo travellers are growing very fast. It is found to increase self-confidence, adaptability, adding up to creativity and broadening social circle.

Travelling Solo shows a raise in recent years due to many reasons. Today, every person lives in a bubble, full of darkness. Bubble need to be busted and some light should fall, so that one comes out of this bubble and give words to the inner voice.

• One of the reasons is having opportunity to do whatever you want to do in life.

• There are psychological reasons too, many of people in the world are suffering from issues like loneliness, depression, anxiety attacks, palpitation attacks, extreme mood swings, hormonal imbalances and OCD disorders. One has to come out of these issues which are dangerous and may lead to extremes like suicide.

• One more reason is “Me Time”.

Why people travel solo?

1. Discover oneself: There is a great opportunity to discover yourself when you go on exploring the world. Something which defines only you, without any responsibility of family and friends. It’s your responsibility and make your own decision and choices.

2. Interest: It is your interest that take you to exploration of that world which you feel like going to. Nobody can drag you over there if you have no interest.

3. Knowing one from within: In solo trips you understand your strength and weaknesses. In daily lives, you are busy with your daily routine and stick to it. But somehow you come to know your own answers in these trips, those which are blocked somewhere in mind. Self-reflection can be painful but at times it eventually gets fulfilling.

4. Acquire more knowledge by meeting people: When people meet new groups or people, it broadens knowledge, you discover more about your own communication skills. You gain lot of experiences like eating different food, knowing different cultures, history, and art and indulge in all those experiences. Here, life teaches you to gain more wisdom. It increases your creativity and provides a medium to express yourself.

5. Life detox from technology: Technologies bind us and detach from our ‘self’ and ‘mind’. Go for solo travelling, it’s a great and addictive, that too healthy one. It helps you detox all your physical, emotional stress and gain spiritual, positive and peaceful mind back from life’s stressful situations.

6. Confidence: When you face the world, confidence naturally grows. You will fight with your own fears naturally. It doesn’t matter, how many challenges you face, but matter is how you overcome them. Once you love to live with yourself, truly your life; this learning will supercharge your confidence, you will become strong.

7. Doing Wildest Things: There must be lot of things which you want to do but couldn’t do in many years, this travel can help you do even wildest of these, which u have never experienced. In this course, you meet yourself. You become more adventurous, do unexpected things, and learn your own lessons. It also help in meditation, having calm mind and rejuvenate your inner soul and find purpose of your life.

8. Resilience: Solo travelling increase your mental resilience and help in developing your psychological skills which again help you to grow in all areas of life. Solo travelling acts like therapy. It leads to self-healing too.

9. Memories: While travelling, one acquires lots and lots of memories and can live with new fables of life.

10. Continuous learning: when you step out of your shell into other places of world, you go into a new world and continue to learn and adapt to your surroundings. This further develop your way of thinking and learning in more sophisticated way and to inspires to live life in a much better way.

11. You need to surprise yourself in life. Why Won’t You!

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