Nurturing Relationships:-
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Nurturing Relationships:-

In this age of information and technology where communication is at the peak of its performance, the one thing which has suffered badly is relationships.

With stressful life both at work and home, couple are slowly distancing away from the most important aspects of relationship i.e. – Nurturing relations.

We can see now that statistics of divorce, breakups are in rise. Often we can see that relationship starts getting into bitter state in few months of courtships or marriage. The differences between the two personalities creep in and start building and spreading it wings into the relations. This is a serious issue which not only effects physical well being but also mental state of both the partners.

Getting into relationship is not one time phenomenon which everyone who is in relationship or going to get into relationship needs to understand very clearly. To have successful and happy relationship one has to put efforts like how they put the efforts in their work life and professional life. It should not be Ignored and neglected.

Yes, every relationships goes through emotional turbulence at one point or the other and it become very important that at this very phase both should have to be strong to ensure it does not harm and bring distance into their life. One should remember the fruits and flowers come and bloom only when it is watered, cared and loved on daily basis. One can’t get the fruits without nurturing the plant. Similarly, in relationships both partners need to work on daily basis to nurture it and grow it. Keeping in mind the bad phase which might creep in for some reasons personal or professional. At that phase of life it will be pretty clear how things will move in for your future.

How to nurture? That’s very important question which one will have. Relationships of any kind will have its foundation based on Love, care and Trust.  It becomes very important to spend time on the activities which can bring love, joy and happiness. Be it going to restaurant for food, spending time in beach, watching movies or reliving moments of love. Such small gesture can activate the closeness which is very much needed for happy relationships and strong bonding.

Often you will notice, with small altercation, arguments and misunderstanding, couple starts moving away from each other. In the initial phase of relationship they fail to understand that this distance will become wide if they don’t act on it.

Psychology it can be devastating for both the person. It can lead to various psychological disorders which now you can hear so very often. Depression, Anxiety, Anger and various other negative emotions can house your mind leaving you with no energy and results can often be noticed on your work, your home, with your children and whoever you interact or meet with.

So the bottom line , is Water your plants daily , feed them , love them, talk to them and surely you will flowers blooming and fruits coming out of it .

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