How psychology plays an important role in the future of technology?

How psychology plays an important role in the future of technology?

Psychology and technology

Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour. Psychology includes the scientific study of mental processes such as cognition, problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking. It has various different branches and sub fields which could get benefited from the principles of it, one among them includes the field of technology. It plays a crucial role in the future of technology by providing it’s valuable contributions in newer technological innovations and discoveries for the betterment.

Technological leaders are now focusing on the future of technology and how people could safely engage with newer technological innovations through psychological perspectives and research. It is quite essential to know the psychological impact of new innovations and discoveries in the field of technology on the human mind and behaviour, hence psychology plays an important role in the future of technology.

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Application of psychology in varied technological aspects

Psychology is required in every aspect of technology from artificial intelligence(AI) to social media and other trending apps, in order to maintain or develop a positive relation between technology and humans and also being able to get certain about the fact that new technological advancements doesn’t harm anyone’s mental health or have negative impact on the user’s lives.

1) Online applications:

The online platforms that gives an opportunity to build connections and network online, to be able to stay in touch with others and maintain healthy relationships virtually is only been made possible because of psychology. With the help of psychology, technology experts are able to study the processing of human mind and their underlying behaviour and develop technological tools and strategies to sustain or benefit other human beings.

2) Artificial intelligence:

Newer technologies such as artificial intelligence and chatgpt are found to be very beneficial for present as well as upcoming generation. With the help of AI powered tools, the person who are at risk for suicide or were getting involved in behaviour like suicidal ideation could be provided with appropriate help and psychological interventions to avoid engaging in harmful incidents. Researchers have developed algorithms that analyzes the social media data and the tweets or social media posts that indicates suicidal behaviour and helps them to prevent it by providing necessary support.

Importance of ethics for applying psychology in fields of technology

If the new technology doesn’t align or isn’t made according to the needs and requirements of an individual, it’s no longer beneficial and may even affects the person’s life. In this scenario, psychology helps in determining whether the rules and the ethics are being followed while making advancements in technology in order to ensure safety and protection to the available users.

The system has been made for the usage by majority of the population but how it has been made, it’s motive and how it’s machinery works depends upon the psychology of majority of beings. Technology impacts a person both positively as well as negatively, depending on the results and the influence it has on the users.

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Different personalities and the use of technologies

There are two categories of people or there are two types of people based on their personalities- introverts and Extroverts. Extroverts are very outgoing and are quite talkative. They could make friends with strangers very easily and are impulsive in taking decisions of life without thinking much.

Introverts, on the other hand, are shy and reserved people. They don’t talk much as they are mostly in their own minds and so they gets troubled in making new friends or talking to strangers. Also, mostly introverts don’t like to socialize with strangers. So, in order to make them feel comfortable and help them engage with others and talk to others, the online apps and socializing platforms has been made where they could interact with others around the world online without meeting them in person.

It helps them to open up about their feelings in front of someone or something without getting judged or being misunderstood. Also, due to the development of such online talking and socializing apps, Introverts or people who might not be having good friends in real life, feel less alone and overwhelmed. Extroverts too can make online friends and later meet them in person to hangout occasionally and plan various fun activities together. This was made possible only because of psychology, which helped technological leaders to understand the concepts of different personalities and their needs accordingly.

Psychology associated with the dating apps and online communicating platforms

Online dating apps have in-built personality tests that are designed to ensure that the user matches with persons of high compatibility, who shares common interests and hobbies to discuss and engage in. Dating apps offer wide range of options or potential matches, referred to as ‘paradox of choices’ by the psychologists. People swipe left or right based on another person’s profile and their own interests. This way, they could be able to find suitable romantic partners without moving an inch out of home.

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Dating apps also reduces the chances of awkwardness during first meet as in case of traditional dating customs, for this very reason it’s a bliss for the introverts actually. Hence, by answering few questions asked in psychological tests of the app, people could be able to know about themselves and their personalities in a better way and also understands the concept of compatibility by meeting people from various different backgrounds.

Some drawbacks of being too technical with dating apps

However, everything comes with it’s own limitations, so does the dating apps. Dating apps provide numerous options for the users to date which makes the person overwhelmed with so many options. This leads to confusion and inappropriate decision making.

Also, there is only an option to judge a person by their profile pictures on dating apps which is not in case of in-person dating where the people bonds through discussions and talking and tries to make efforts. Dating apps may also impact a person’s self esteem when they don’t get enough swipes or friend requests. There are higher chances of getting betrayed by the other person in the relationship and most often a person’s true intentions stay hidden behind the mobile screens.

Psychology in development of video games

Usage and development of technological games both remote controls and mobile games is increasing day by day. It is believed that playing video games improves the mental health to some extent as it helps relaxing the mind and refreshes the individual. Video games helps a person forget their worries of the moment and focus on the tasks or different levels of the games.

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It also increases the problem solving skills and critical thinking of an individual. Various different games are being designed keeping the psychological perspectives and phenomenon in mind. For example, people who like action and thrillers play that games like temple run or mario, others who like to solve puzzles or engage in brain storming activities could play sudoku, brain quizzes and various games online.

According to recent report, it is found that 84% respondents agreed to the fact that video games positively impacted their mental health over the past year. Also, 71% of them stated that gaming helped them feel less isolated.

Using technology for the growth of psychology field

Technology influences every other aspects of human lives virtually, from personal life relations to the professional work and growth. As technology grows, rapidly emerging it’s roots all around, it is also seen to be advantageous in fields of psychology. Technology helped shaping most important advances in modern psychology like psychological education, research, assessments, diagnosis and its treatments. It has been made easy to gather the required data from the different tests for easy assessments.

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Using technology for therapy:

With the help of technology, people from remote areas could easily assess the psychological tools and take therapies for their personal aids. Online therapy is termed as teletherapy and can be provided through phones or internet via zoom, Google meets, video conferencing, etc.

Using technology for Self awareness:

Technological advancements made it easy to assess psychological testings, people could get aware of their personality types just by answering questions from the personality tests online and they could even get the results in an instant.

Using technology for psychological diagnosis and getting accurate results:

Both, technology, and psychology goes hand in hand. Even before 21st century, technology such as computers, electro-encephalogram (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners are being used to make a certain diagnosis in the field of psychology. The technology increases the validity and reliability of psychological data collected which helps in providing accurate assessments and results.


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