Do You Have A Routine That You Follow?? 
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Do You Have A Routine That You Follow?? 

What do you do as you wake up? Do you make your bed the moment you get up? do you wash your face or do you greet your pet?

Everyone has different ways in which their day folds out. There are various people who wake up each morning at the same time and do the same things they do every day while there are also other who wake up at no set time. They do not have any particular order in which they carry out their duties. Although different people work differently and what may work for one person need not necessarily work for someone else. It is important to realise the benefits of having a routine life .

Following a routine is important?

A routine is when we do the same things of things, again and again, every day. It is important to have a routine of sorts in your daily life as it adds stability to ones day and life. There are many people who may seem to have no routine whatsoever and they don’t necessarily face any problems however actually they too have a routine of sorts. Everyone’s routine looks different. For one their routine might be clear cut and they may wake up and first make their bed and then use the washroom and etc while on the other hand for someone else routine might be to wake up and feed their pet before cooking for themselves. The routines people follow does not need to make sense to others. But it should be something that works for them.

Often when people undergo a range of emotions and are feeling overwhelmed they may be unable to focus on their daily activities and may not know what to do, in moments like this it is best to have a routine. Even for people who have mental disorders or even other disorders, it is good if they have a routine that they follow. The body remembers more than we give it credit for and therefore if you make it a point to follow a routine for a while. You will automatically end up following the same routine on even the toughest of days.

For people with certain disorders or even people who don’t have disorders but are going through a hard time in their life.

It often gets difficult to pay attention to the details in their life and take care of themselves. if they have a routine it will become easier for them to take care of themselves and this will also result in the maintenance of their emotions and will help them deal with the other stressors in their life.

Nobody likes to enter their room and see it messy or enter their kitchen and see a pile of dirty dishes left to be washed and just like this there are other matters that may differ from person to person and may affect them in more ways than one.

If someone has a routine and makes their bed as they wake up and cleans their room before going out somewhere and does the dishes the moment they are done using them. They will not have to feel any unpleasant emotions later. Similarly in other areas of their life as well if they deal with things in a certain manner when it is due then they will not feel burdened by excess emotions of unpleasantness.

Routine and Mental Health

Having a routine can be extremely beneficial as then one need not worry about the small details in life and since the body also tends to remember routine it will make it easier for them to go through the daily activities in their lives even in their hardest of moments.

Specially for people with certain mental illnesses wherein their everyday life gets affected and it feels extremely hard to work o the small details in life for example making your bed or even taking a shower, individuals with a routine life will find it slightly easier to do the tasks as compared to others since they are used to following a certain schedule which is stuck in their heads as well as is remembered by their body. It is important to realise that although having a routine can not take away any stressors and make your life better instantly. It can aid in managing ones emotions and in carrying out everyday tasks that one needs to engage in.

There are multiple different ways in which the everyday lives of people fold out and everybody has their own different ways of living. Everyone has their own kind of routine and what may work for them. It may not necessarily work for others therefore everyone needs to have a routine that works best for them and it is important to have a routine as it makes everyday activities easier. It reduces the number of stressors In the individual’s life. There are various benefits of having a routine life. It is important that we all try to have a certain routine in our life that helps us in our everyday lives.

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