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    It’s not easy to be a single mother

    Family is an important aspect of everyone’s life. If we consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a family may fall into

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    Psychological Changes after the Death of a loved one

    Shakespeare mentioned the seven stages of life in one of his poems. The seven stages include infant, schoolchild, teenage, young

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    Incidents of toxic work culture go viral on social media

    The workplace culture today shapes employees’ experiences and well-being in the fast-paced, fiercely competitive corporate environment. Unfortunately, instances of toxic

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    What is Mobilization in Psychology?

    In psychology, the concept of mobilization can be regarded as the process in which an individual or groups gather and

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    Understanding Paris Syndrome: Does it actually exist?

    Paris is a country we all adore but what if Paris don’t match your expectations?? It is fine to experience

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    Dangers of AI: It can become an Enemy of Human Life

    It was 1947 when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first mentioned in a report by none other than a mathematician and

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    World Day Against Child Labour: Protecting Innocence From Being Destroyed

    *This image is only for the representation purposes Absence of a typical or socially acceptable level of wealth or material

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    Have You Ever Felt Internship Anxiety?  

    There are many people who do multiple internships through their school and college lives, there are also others who don’t

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    The Drops of Love: A Couple with Down Syndrome Got Married

    This Monsoon, weddings are the flavor of the season! With the drizzling rain, heart-touching news of a couple with Down

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    Celebrating International Men’s Health Week 2023

    Men’s Health Week is held every year during the week leading up to Father’s Day. Which falls between June 12

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