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Orophile: A Person Who Love Mountains

Often with steep slopes, a tiny peak area, and strong local relief, a mountain is a landform that sharply rises

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How Festivals Improve Our Mental Health

Fairs and festivals abound throughout India. Our country is a place of variety, and diverse people from various religions dwell

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Entertain Positive

The Joy of Play: How Toys Boost Our Happy Feelings and Mind

Do you know, There is a ton of information that supports the idea that playing with toys is a crucial

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Solving Jigsaw Puzzles is Good for Your Mental Health

In the quick-paced, technologically advanced world of today, many people are looking for ways to enhance their mental health. Solving

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News Technology

How “Threads” Obtains 1 Million Followers In Less Than An Hour?

“The correlation of relatedness”, in less than an hour, the Twitter competitor app “Threads” obtains 1 million followers.Let me explain.

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6 Times Bollywood Was Right about Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of life for overall well-being, yet this topic has mostly misunderstood by society. According

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Are You Losing Your Identity in a Race of Fame?

Even though you might be embarrassed to say it to your friends or anybody you know, you secretly want to

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How to Keep Teenagers Safe on Social Media?

In today’s world which consists of fast-paced life from running here and there for jobs, college, and even for everyday

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Self Help

Playing Chess can Boost Memory and Mental health

The Game of Kings, chess, has long been a source of intellectual fascination and is now more than just a

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Pet and its Psychological Impacts on Parents

Pet ownership is a widespread and expanding phenomenon in every nation worldwide. Dogs and cats are undoubtedly among the most

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