The Psychology Behind Celebrity Obsession
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The Psychology Behind Celebrity Obsession

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People have a number of talents when they show their talent on a platform, they earn fans and fandom. When someone reaches celebrity status. It is so natural to admire their accomplishments. Liking a celebrity for their talent is one thing, but obsessing over them is concerning. Sometimes people get obsessed with the celebs they love to watch and they start idolising and worshipping them. Celebrity obsession is a condition in which a person becomes excessively interested in the lives, actions, and personal details of celebrities, usually on a negative level. This phenomenon is also known as the Celebrity Worship Syndrome or Celebrity Obsession Disorder (COD).

Although it is not a recognized clinical entity in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), it is defined as a depressive and addictive disorder. Fans got obsessed with their beloved celebrity. This article will cover what is the celebrity obsession disorder, what are signs and how to overcome it.

Why have people got so obsessed with Celebs?

There are a number of reasons why people are so obsessed with the Celebes, their personal life, and their actions.

1) Escape:

A celebrity’s life represents only the positive side of life like glamour, luxury, excitement, and success. People use celebrity as the escape gate from the harsh reality and tries to live vicariously through them. Real life is full of ups and downs, and no one, not even superstars, is immune to adversity. The normal individual views celebrities as those people who only have good in their lives. They see the positive sides only, but they don’t know that these are the people suffering the most both internally and externally the only thing is that they just don’t show their emotions and feelings as they are always present in the limelight.

2) Identity and Belonging:

People usually get attracted to the living and lifestyle of celebrities and try to adopt the practices they follow. In this sense the normal individual does not have his or her own identity rather they are taking inspiration from the celebrities to form the basis of their identity. These celebrities provide them with a sense of belongingness and identity.

3) Connection:

The way celebrities express themselves in interviews, talk shows, and podcasts inspires many common individuals and make a connection with them. This is because the people then can relate to the things the celebrities have faced themselves and develop an emotional bond with them this makes them feel a sense of closeness with them and makes them more valuable and respectable.

4) Social Comparison:

The human tendency to compare ourselves to others is an important factor in the trend towards popularity. People may compare their lives, appearance, and achievements to those of celebrities, seek motivation for personal growth, or feel inadequate when they fall short of their expectations.

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Signs of Celebrity Obsession Disorder (COD)
1) Intense emotional attachment:

People with celebrity obsession disorder may feel like they are in love with their celebrity idol and or that they are their best friend. The celeb only maintains a one-sided emotional relationship with them.

2) Spending an excessive amount of time and energy:

People with Celebrity Obsession Disorder may spend a day reading about their famous idols, watching their movies and TV shows, and following them on social media. This attitude can translate into anything, and the need to consider all aspects of the actor’s life can interfere with daily roles and personal relationships.

3) Neglecting work, school, or relationships:

People with Celebrity obsession disorder may begin to ignore their responsibilities in order to spend more time thinking about or following their famous idols either online or physically.

4) Engaging in risky or harmful behaviours:

People with celebrity obsession disorder may engage in dangerous or problematic behavior, such as harassment or crime, to get the attention of a celebrity.

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Some tips on how to overcome celebrity obsession

Self-Reflection- Start by acknowledging that your obsession with celebrities may be result problematic, and consider how it affects your life, relationships, and overall health. Understanding negative consequences is the first step to change.

1) Set Boundaries:

Set clear limits on spending time stalking celebrities, watching, reading, or following trending news and social media. By limiting that time, you may be able to spend that time on a positive thing.

2) Focus on Personal Goals:

Prioritize your personal goals first. Instead of trying to live the life of a celebrity, set real goals and try to achieve them, focus on your goals and desires. This change in focus can improve your self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.

3) Media Consumption Awareness:

One should be careful about the media they use. Instead of watching celebrity over the internet or TV choose to that time to consume content that is positive and encourages your personal growth.

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