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Why Do Women Watch True Crime?

The genre of true crime has solidified its place within the cultural fabric of society. The allure has existed for

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Self Help

Playing Chess can Boost Memory and Mental health

The Game of Kings, chess, has long been a source of intellectual fascination and is now more than just a

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OTT OVERLOAD: Psychology Behind The OTT Content Consumption

The media and entertainment industry’s current evolution is because of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms. Population has access to smart devices and

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How to Keep Teenagers Safe on Social Media?

In today’s world which consists of fast-paced life from running here and there for jobs, college, and even for everyday

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The Feeling of Positivity: How Can it Change You?

A quality or behaviour of positivity is living a happy or hopeful life. When we are upbeat, we behave upbeat

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Understanding the Triangular Theory of Love

Maslow posits that basic needs in life are safety and physiological needs, with love and belonging following closely behind. Love

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Influence of Horror Movies on Sleep and Dreams

Horror films like the cult favorite “The Exorcist,” “Saw,” “The Ring,” and “The Shining” are popular. Our screens overflow with

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Do you know? Why cricket is the most popular sport in India

Cricket is one of the deeply and widely loved sports by people in India. Cricket has always been more than

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