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Nishtha Agarwal


 I enjoy writing content, especially about psychology and mental health. I have published a few articles so far on various online portals. I have completed my Bachelor's in Arts, maj. psychology, and aspire to become a clinical psychologist. I love engaging in conversations about mental health and try to use my knowledge to spread awareness about it as well as reduce the stigma and misinformation surrounding it. As a psychologist, I want to be able to contribute to the healthcare system of the country which is in need of more mental health practitioners, and psychoeducation to understand mental health and consider it an equal part of overall well-being as physical health. I’d like to continue to educate myself about psychology, and use my knowledge and experience further to create mental health awareness, which I believe is the dire need of the hour.

Articles by- Nishtha Agarwal

Pandemic Brain Fog: Has The Pandemic Changed the Way Our Brain Functions?

We all have surely experienced the at least once, where we enter a room and forget why we came there in the first place. Research has found it is an effect of overloaded working memory, or when o...