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All alone in the darkness you walk

There’s somebody you need to talk

There’s someone ready out there to pull you out

There’s somebody ready out there to kick the emptiness out

There’s somebody who’s waiting at home

That somebody who is your home

Though you feel like a broken shooting star

But you are the sky full of hopes and shining stars

It’s okay if you are low , it’s okay if you want to be alone

You have your space ,but remember somebody’s your backbone

Just go out of this darkness and hug tight and cry all you want

There’s somebody who loves you, who’s calling you back home

There are few points in our life where we are exhausted, exhausted of putting efforts for ourselves, nothing seems to go right, the fear becomes our heart itself, with every beat it grows and the emptiness, the loneliness flows in our blood. Trusting ourselves or someone else becomes impossible. 

Anxiety makes us worry too much, destroys our comfort zone, fills us with hopelessness and depression, acts like a quicksand; the more and the harder you try, it only gets deeper. The cycle begins and it almost seems impossible to break. 

But trust me it is possible, it will take time because after all you have been through, the warrior inside you is resting, it will wake up any time soon. Many people around are afraid to ask for help, might be because of the fear of being judged, might be because they have already lost people whom they trusted at this most sensitive point of their life or they just don’t know what to do or what will happen after it? “The fear of uncertainty”. Our field of perception becomes narrow at that time because of the thoughts repeating in our mind or flash backs when we are shattered.  

You might have searched on Google or YouTube where you might be able to relate it somewhat or find HOPE, just imagine what if you get past the hard time, what if YOU BECOME HOPE FOR SO MANY PEOPLE? A star even when dying gives hope to people and so they ask their deepest, most desirable wish. So if you are that falling shooting star, why not then become the sky full of hopes, full of stars. You once were so energetic, cheerful, happy going hence, why not rediscover and re-sculpt yourself and trust that you can do it! 

And you might have lost a lot of people, your trust might have been broken many a times but there’s someone out there to care for you, most of the people would have failed to understand you, be there for you but ‘not all’. Many times people around us are going through an untold struggle just like us. They have their own limitations and that is why they are wrapping, hiding their pain and refusing to be there for you. It is indeed frustrating at times when you have to be all mature and there’s no one to shout at or blame but just remember that you are so strong. They might really love you but might not be able to show or someone out there might be keeping a safe eye on you but might not have the guts to approach you or WHAT IF YOU ARE ALREADY A HIDDEN INSPIRATION FOR SOMEONE WHO KNOWS YOUR STORY!!!!

You are not alone, you have people just close your eyes and stay still for a while, you will see at least one face, if not just go in front of mirror and smile, that smiling old you is there with you, still hugging you from the inside because it knows what you go through every day and is not tired of being with you! 

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