Women’s Won Gold at Asian Games: Empowerment from a Psychological Perspective
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Women’s Won Gold at Asian Games: Empowerment from a Psychological Perspective

Women’s Won Gold at Asian Games

On Wednesday, India took home the gold medal in the women’s 25m pistol team competition at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. This gold medal was won at the Asian Games by the team of Manu Bhaker, S Esha Singh, and Rhythm Sangwan. Manu gave an amazing performance, leading the charts with a score of 590, helping India achieve a final score of 1759.

Esha also did exceptionally well, coming in sixth with a score of 586. Rhythm was disqualified from the finals despite having a strong score of 583 since there can only be two shooters from each nation. Rhythm Sangwan qualified sixth, Esha fifth, and Manu first. A silver medal was won earlier in the day by Ashi Chouksey, Manini Kaushik, and Sift Kaur Samra in the women’s team event for the 50-meter rifle in three positions.

Women’s Empowerment from a Psychological Perspective:
1. Emotional intelligence:

Empowered women constantly have advanced emotional intelligence, which helps them navigate connections, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts. Emotional intelligence also enables women to empathize with others and make probative networks.

2. Mindfulness:

Women’s empowerment constantly involves helping women develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their capabilities.

3. Self-esteem & Self-confidence:

Women’s empowerment helps women to believe in their capacities and worth, they are more likely to pursue their intents and assert their rights.

4. Self-efficacy:

Empowered women tend to have advanced rankings of self-efficacy, which enables them to take on challenges and persist in the face of obstacles.

5. Resilience:

Empowerment equips women with the psychological flexibility demanded to manage adversity and bounce back from setbacks.

6. Motivation & Goal-setting:

Empowerment encourages women to set and pursue their intents. Motivation plays a vital part in driving women to take action to upgrade their lives and make positive changes.

7. Critical thinking:

Encouraging critical thinking, i.e., questioning societal morals and generalizations experiences is essential for women’s empowerment.

8. Overpowering Internalized Stereotypes & Biases:

Empowerment involves demanding and overpowering these internalized beliefs.

9. Education and Information Access:

Access to education and information is an underlying psychological aspect of empowerment. Knowledge empowers women to make better-informed choices.

10. Mindset and Attitude:

Empowerment seeks to cultivate a growth mindset and a positive attitude among women.

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