Vivek Oberoi opens up about his journey through depression

Vivek Oberoi opens up about his journey through depression

Vivek oberoi

Recently, Vivek Oberoi talked frankly about the moment when many people predicted that his career was over. He shared that he was stepping into depression during that time. During an interview, he gave advice to the younger version of himself. He advised that not to get worried about anything and emphasize that difficult or hard circumstances are not permanent. He addressed the value of appreciating the current moment, since success could vary as time passes.

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His suggestions centered on maintaining calmness, accepting change as well as exploring the joy & happiness in the journey. Vivek Oberoi said that he lost a lot of time coping with pressure and stress, which has resulted in a hard period of depression. When people predicted that his career was over during that time he was facing with a lot of stress and he thought back that when he had just begun his career and could not find out why it was ending so early. He shared that he has understood how to avoid non-essential stress. Nowadays, he is happy and feeling grateful as he is getting a lot of projects.

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Depression is a mental health illness which is identified or characterized by continuous feelings of sadness, hopelessness as well as a shortage of interest or pleasure in activities and life. It has an adverse impact on an individual mental as well as physical health.

Symptoms of depression are:
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Low self-worth as well as feeling of extra guilt.
  • Hopeless
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Emotionally unstable
  • Thinking of suicide or dying
  • Low energy and tiredness

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Tips to overcome depression
  • Keep in contact: stay engaged in your life i.e., don not withdraw from your life. Try to get socialize with others and make new friends which may lift your spirits. It can improve your mood. When you in touch with others, it provides you a support system and allows you to talk with them in difficult situations.
  • Maximize the level of activity: do exercise daily. It has been shown that exercise has a positive impact on mood as well as health. At least give 20 minutes of exercise daily.
  • Embrace your fears: try to face your difficult situations and fears.
  • Avoid consuming the alcohol.
  • Make a healthy diet chart and follow it on a regular basis.
  • Make your timetable and follow it strictly like sleep timings, eating times etc.
  • Consult with professionals for the help.

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