Virtual Heist: The Role of Technology in Modern-Day Crime

Virtual Heist: The Role of Technology in Modern-Day Crime

Cyber crime

The technology is reaching heights day by day. On one side, we have advanced our technologies so much that most of our work has become a piece of cake for us, but on the other side, it holds some worse sides too. Technology has become both a boon and a Bane for us. Particularly, the role of technology in modern-day crime is also evident. Committing a crime and enforcement to investigate both has become easy. Through various mediums like phones, laptops, and iPads, communication has become easy for criminals to execute crimes without being undetected. In this article, we will understand the role of technology in modern-day crime.

How Technology Aids Criminals

The rise of technology has made it easy for criminals to commit any crime efficiently and anonymously. It can also make them cover their tracks and crimes. Furthermore, it creates difficulty for the law enforcers to catch these criminals.

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Using Encrypted Communication Makes Crime Hard To Detect:

Encrypted communication makes organized crimes harder to detect. In an encrypted format, messages are encoded in a way that makes it difficult for law enforcers to decode them. Not only does it create difficulty in tracking these messages, but it also happens in such a secretive way that this crime doesn’t caught easily. Furthermore, encrypted communications not only make it difficult to track down the activities of criminals, but also make it harder to detect and track financial transactions. If the data is not available, then it is difficult to follow the money flow, the person who receiving it, and the source of funding.

Online Black Market Facilitates The Sale Of Illegal Goods:

The online black market has gained popularity all over the world as it provides a place for anonymity. This market is as same as the real-world market where the goods are sold against the jurisdiction of law. With the help of these websites, people can buy or sell goods anonymously. There are many ways to access these websites, one of them is the Tor network.

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Moreover, the facilitation of these goods on the online black market can give a place to post people’s reviews which can help others to buy it or not. Additionally, the delivery methods of these goods can be done through drones, mail, and couriers. The payment is also done through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin which provides anonymity for buyers.

Social Media Is Used To Target Victims And Spread Harmful Content:

As we know social media has a significant role in our life. But little do we know that this tool can become a place for crimes, targeting victims and spreading harmful content. The public accounts are at risk as their personal information can be used as a way to initiate the conversation. Further, it can be used to spread harmful content over social media. This content could be hate speech, racism, or violence. Cyberbullying is another serious issue that can lead to negative impacts on people’s mental well-being. Through awareness and education about this issue can help to overcome it. It is important to address this so that no other people become victims of these activities.

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How Technology Assists Law Enforcement

Technology assists law enforcement in many ways. It improves crime investigation, enhances officer safety, and improves efficiency.
In this section, we will understand how technology assists law enforcement.

Surveillance Technology Helps Gather Evidence And Monitor Suspects:

On one side people are using technologies unfairly, on the other side these technologies become a boon for the public’s welfare. One such example could be surveillance technologies to gather evidence and monitor suspects’ activities. Surveillance cameras are placed in public places like streets, departmental stores, shops, etc. to see people’s activities through images and videos. These cameras help to detect any unusual happening and gather evidence. If there is a case of criminal activity then, these cameras can be beneficial to solve the case easily. Moreover, people use these surveillance cameras in their homes as well to detect the suspect’s activities. Another important surveillance device could be GPS tracking. This technology is used to track a person’s location. This technology has many advantages for law enforcers to gather evidence that helps to reduce the criminal activities in our society.

Advanced Forensics Can Unlock Devices And Recover Deleted Content:

Since most of the information never gets deleted in digital form. The help of advanced forensics also known as digital forensics helps to recover all the deleted data. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that when we delete something, the file does not get deleted permanently rather they are marked as free for overwriting. This way advanced forensics identifies the files and recovers them.

When we talk about unlocking devices, the bypass password protection method is being used. In many cases, this method can not be used directly as there is a presence of some inbuilt security measures that can be opened only with the user’s knowledge. However digital forensics can unlock these types of devices by identifying the weaknesses in the system in order to gain access. Lastly, the use of advanced forensics can help to lower digital criminal activities.

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Ethical Considerations Around Technology

Although technology has advantages for our society, but there has been an ethical consideration around it. The overall increasing use of technology has also led people to exploit it. It can invade people’s personal information, data, etc.

Privacy And Security:

It is important to find the right balance between privacy and security. Organizations should keep this thing in mind to secure people’s personal data or information and also respect their privacy. As these terms are used interchangeably. Security is protecting individuals’ privacy. These privacy measures help people save data away from cyberattacks or being stolen. On the other side privacy is a basic human right. Without their consent, it would be wrong to collect their data. People and many organizations should provide transparency about how they are going to use your information without any misuse. Lastly, people should be mindful while sharing any information.

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