Unexplained bond between animals and humans

Unexplained bond between animals and humans

Since the evolution of human beings, there is a strong suggestion of the bonding and correlation between animals and humans. Animals have played a big role in the development of human society. In the stone and the medieval ages they were not only a source of food and transportation but the future of the kingdoms and their armies were directly proportional to the strength of the animals they had in the army. Animals have been an integral part of our society and they share a dynamic relationship with humans, this relationship plays a vital role not only to the health and well-being of both but also affect the emotion level. Lots of studies have been conducted to understand this complex bonding between animals and humans. The relationship between these two kinds has emerged over the centuries. This animal-human bond has been classified in various forms like ownership bond in which both enjoy each other’s company; the humans who are disabled share assistance animal bond where the owners are provided with trained selective animals for providing practical and emotional support like PAWS (parents autism workshop and support) trains dogs for the care and support of autistic children and their family. And another bond which is shared between both is working animal bond where animals are trained to work with police, army and so on. It is very often seen that children turn to their pets for comfort if they feel isolated, afraid and alone and they have also given great support to grieving adults who did not have any human support and helped in reducing their depression and motivated them to come back to the land of the living. A study conducted by Sable in 1995, showed that the company of the pets increases the feeling of security, happiness, and self-worth. It also reduces the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

The pets have also played a big role in introducing two strangers by becoming a common medium of interaction. As studied by Wells in 2004. He conducted an experiment on how 1800 strangers reacted to a female experimenter in six different situations. In a different situation, she was accompanied by a Labrador retriever puppy, a grown-up Labrador, a grown-up Rottweiler, a teddy-bear, a plant and being alone as a controlled condition. In the above situation, the experimenter was ignored the most when with the teddy-bear and plant but got more attention in the company of the dog.

Another study conducted by Hetts (1994) has stated that keeping pets help an individual to get involved in social interactions, assist in the daily living task, provides companionship and unconditional loyalty and love. This shows that having a pet in life can positively affect the various aspect of the life of an individual.

Thus, it can be seen that animals, since beginning animals have played an important positive role in the development of society in the various sphere, may it be emotional, social, or economical. They have in fact helped in the development of the civilisation till the present date. As well said by Anatole France

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawaken.”

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