Tool for happiness: Self-Care & Self-Love
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Tool for happiness: Self-Care & Self-Love

 “Why are you so negative of yourself?”, “Why don’t you value yourself?”. We usually reply with an affirmation, “Yes!! Of course.” But why does it gets tricky when we are asked, “How do you?”

Perhaps it may be best to say that in order to love others, you need to start with yourself first. Self-care and self-love are one of the essential aspects of our lives. They are the roots of the trees supporting and sustaining our life. Love and care must begin with one’s own self. Choose love every day to live a good and healthy life. It is like taking charge and responsibility of your life and giving a self-reminder that you are being taken care of by yourself. 

Self-care, sometimes also called self-love is anything and everything we do to take care of our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Self-care helps us keep calm and positive and stay away from all the negativity. When we start caring for ourselves, we start feeling confident and our self-esteem increases. Caring for the self relaxes our brain cells, reduces stress, and helps maintain a good sleep pattern too. When people suffer from stress and anxiety, they fail to make good decisions in life. Self-care and self-love motivate people to make healthy choices in life. It helps develop a good and healthy lifestyle.

Some negative notions about self-love make people think of self-love as being selfish and self-serving i.e. all and just about oneself. We usually fail to value ourselves and fail to recognize our worth. So next time when you hear such a comment from someone or you are facing any sort of negativity, stop that thought. Just remember to keep on doing justice with yourself and the work and the loved ones.

One of the main crucial facts is to remember not be too hard upon one’s own self. Make life easy by taking good care of yourself. Like physical care, people need to take mental care also. Mental care is not complex. For mental care you need to start some kind of activity. It can be either meditation, yoga, or some fitness exercises. People with sleep problems can try out meditation as it calms the mind, body, and soul, thus enhancing inner peace. It helps overcome insomnia. So meditating before you go to bed can give you a good sleep. A good night’s sleep can help deal with depression and fight with the constant battles that many people go through. It is the battle of being the best and fitting into the society. A good amount of sleep also increases concentration levels and productivity at work. When you feel refreshed you stay positive and energetic throughout the day. With self-care comes self-love which means that you are accepting yourself and loving yourself fully. Often in life, we develop a perception of ourselves. When we fail, we get de-motivated and feel worthless. But even if we are failing, we must learn to accept ourselves completely. It should not be an obstacle to the growth of the self. Many of the times, we become the victim of our thoughts. If we don’t learn to control our minds, our minds will start to rule us and we will give birth to negative thoughts. In the process of learning self-care and self-love, we must not blame ourselves for not coping up with negativity. It is not our fault. This is a human tendency where people at times become negative about themselves and their self-esteem decreases. In those times, we must accept the situation and monitor our thoughts both positive as well as negative and start working towards eliminating negative thoughts. Unless we are content about all the things we have, we can’t be happy and relaxed.

Life may not be that complex as we make it out to be. It is hard, but the journey will be smooth if we co-operate with the circumstances. Everything cannot go according to us. It is not supposed to be meant like that. Changes will happen. It might take some time, but practising is what makes a man perfect. You cannot leave any gap in between the process tenures. Self-care and self-love are wonderful; you will enjoy it once you are in practice. You will feel your actual worth and you will not be waiting for any kind of validation from other people to make you happy. It all begins within your own self. When you love someone, love with all your heart. But it’s also necessary to keep a certain portion of that love for oneself. People often tend to seek attention, need validation from others, behave rudely, or get entangled into fights because of a lack of self-care and self-love for oneself. Life and days may not go well at times, but what will go well is your peace of mind that we often tend to lose.

Self-care and self-love are reflections of oneself and it is a process of elevating oneself in their best of forms. Everyone has the power to control their thoughts. Set certain small goals for yourself and work daily towards achieving them. Self-care and self-love if taken care of properly can help cure many diseases as well. It is a customized plan according to people’s needs. You need to find out your priority in life and work accordingly so that you can take care of the area you feel needs to be taken care of. For example, if you feel that you are stressed and you are losing your mind and cannot keep your calm to smallest of situation, then you should take care of your mental health by doing meditation or yoga or maybe some kind of fitness exercises which will relax the mind and body. Self-care and self-love is an everyday commitment to oneself for self-development and self-growth. It empowers oneself. It is a long time commitment to oneself. There are numerous activities one can do to keep oneself busy and happy depending on the interest area. So, it’s high time for those looking for something to do in life and also waiting for others to make them happy, giving themselves a wonderful gift of self-care and self-love. And it is also a great tool in mending your relationships with other people as well. Often, people complain they are not being treated nicely by others. So a person will only respect you when you start respecting, loving, and caring for yourself. Even relationships need certain boundaries in which you would like to be treated in a certain manner by others. If you implement the tool of taking care and loving yourself, people around you are bound to do so. When one is completely aligned with oneself, people around also realize that there is no way they can disrespect the person.

So next time onwards, if you are feeling low, de-motivated, less confident, or struggling to love yourself, remember to love yourself and take care of yourself even more. Simply stating, the law of attraction is that when you are happy, you attract good and positive things from the universe. A negative mind cannot give a positive outcome towards life. The fact is that our mind is very strong; whatever we think, we attract that. So we have to constantly make our mind think positively even though the situations are tricky and rough. People achieve a lot by remaining positive and at the same time lose out for its negativity. So, in life, we must think good in order to attract good and for that love and care for oneself is a must.

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