Psychology Behind Helping Nature
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Psychology Behind Helping Nature

helping nature

Helping Nature simply means helping anyone by providing resources or fulfilling their needs (financial, emotional, social, psychological or personal). The person who is helping can do this behaviour to seek rewards. This reward can be of two types:

  1. Internal Rewards: Such as a sense of satisfaction, Mental Peace, Boost to self-esteem or self-contentment.
  2. External rewards: such as for establishing a good image in the society, getting money, or posts in the society.

In short, Helping nature is a voluntary behaviour for internal or external reward.

Prejudice related to Helping nature:

If one person gets to know that someone is helping another person to receive internal rewards they see that helper as a saintly spirit. Whereas if one gets to know that the helper is getting some external reward for the act they perceive them as cheater or theft. His action of helping is going to be seriously judged.
In society, even the one who is cheating the other person also expects the helper to work without any external reward. Why so? The answer is one believer that if the helper is receiving some external rewards, he/she will compromise on the needs of other people for their personal benefit. This prejudice can change our opinions and actions in society.

Helping nature as a Sense of Responsibility: Helper is feeling a sense of responsibility towards the known and unknown people of society. It’s his/ her urge to help people who are in need. They take helping others as their personal responsibility.

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Advantages of helping nature:
  1. A person can form a good image/respect in society.
  2. A person receives a sense of fulfillment/ power by helping others.
  3. Boost in the mood of the helper. His/her perception is beyond his personal challenges of life, hence he/she can feel positive emotions more easily from the environment.
  4. A person receives blessings and good wishes from the person who got the support in the process of help.
The disadvantage of helping nature:
  1. Anyone can try to take the benefit of helping nature by showing false problems or needs.
  2. Helper is a giver and taker doesn’t know their limits. So helpers can run out of resources at times.
  3. He or She can be easily targeted in society.
  4. Helper can get emotionally exhausted by constantly providing help and empathy.

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Helping nature and the Present scenario of society

In today’s scenario, everyone wants to get everything in life, whether it is attention or resources. People are craving love, support, empathy, and loyalty. Most of people will agree with me as everyone is talking about what they are lacking instead of focusing on what they have. In general world is full of takers with fewer givers.

This is the world of give and get not the world of give and take. So, be the change you want to be in the society. Serving the people is equal to serving god. Why, because everything has the presence of god, but humans are the most vibrant creatures of this cosmos in terms of godly spirit. While in the process of helping others, one must remember a quote by Anne Frank-No one has ever become poor by giving.

Helping nature and mental health

People who had a high level of helping behaviour have better self-esteem and self-concept. As they have a bigger purpose to live, their adversities appear smaller to them. Such people are men of values and hence have better coping strategies when facing stress.

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