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Thalassophobia: Fear of Oceans and Large Water bodies

Imagine an endless stretching ocean, its deep blue colour merging with the horizon. The rhythmic sounds of the waves feel like soothing music. The salty breeze refreshes your mind as it touches your skin. Didn’t this magically relax you? What


International Yoga Day 2024: Celebrating the Ancient Practice of Unity and Well-Being

Yoga takes you into the present moment, The only place where life exists. Patanjali Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, Yoga means “to join” or “to reunite”. It refers to a practice of harmonious integration (reunion) of body, mind and


Psychology behind Productivity

Man has a natural tendency to be lazy when it comes to work and more often than not, it is the circumstances of the individual wherein he is obligated to work. The developmental process of the society is hindered due

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Yoga: A Path to Psychological Well-Being

When thinking of “good” mental health, various synonymous words like emotional stability, strength, balance elated mood etc, come to mind. Thinking of mental health only in terms of psychological and emotional wellness creates a vacuum approach to mental health, leading


The Principle of Mentalism

The principle of mentalism has been derived from the school of thought named functionalism which was developed in opposition to structuralism in the late 19th century by William James. Other key proponents include John Dewey, George Herbert Mead, Harvey A.


Intuition: Understanding and Developing Your Inner Guide

Intuition, by definition, is the ability to immediately comprehend something without conscious reasoning. Some people call it instinctive or gut feeling as well. These intuitive thoughts and conclusions that people come up with may seem out of the blue but

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 Understanding the Nocebo Effect

Many of you have heard the saying -‘ What you say is what you attract’. Now suppose it really works, which it does, then this proves you are responsible for what you go through whether it’s positive or negative because


How ADHD can Impact your Relationship and How you can (still) Work it out

Having a fulfilling relationship is a bit of a challenge for every person but maintaining a relationship with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is exceptionally difficult. Symptoms include lack of attention, inability to focus, extreme impatience, impulsiveness,  frequent mood swings,


How Can Business Travelers Balance Work and Wellness?

Often, business travel gets a bad tap because of its work-hard mentality. Therefore, people who need to travel frequently for their work often have ample challenges to manage. If you are a business traveler, you might have to deal with


Understanding the Psychological Impact of Trigger Warnings

Key points : In modern society, trigger warnings are prevalent. However, they often evoke a range of emotions. Initially, they might provide a sense of relief or comfort, but they can also lead to frustration and anger as individuals grapple