Obesity: Simple ways to breaking this vicious cycle
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Obesity: Simple ways to breaking this vicious cycle


Life is not easy for all but at the same time, we can only solve our problems. Some people may need the help of others as they lack motivation and direction in life, but, after receiving support they only have to bring change either in their thinking process or action. Obesity is one of the prominent problems faced by people of all ages. Here I am specifically talking about people who are facing any sort of health issue because of their weight. They are facing battle within themselves each day. With each new passing day, they have the same wish of losing weight. They try their best but what they lose is consistency in their actions. It is really important to love whom you see in the mirror every morning. Because with self-love and acceptance comes confidence and without confidence, no one can make a happy life.

Assumption V/S Reality:

There is no absolute definition of beauty. Beauty is being confident in your body and mind. So when it comes to obesity, it’s important for us to understand that it affects our mental, emotional, and physical health negatively. Our body is going to be with us till our last breath so it’s important for us to be happy and healthy in this body. Life is much more than suffering from obesity, but people who suffer from this their lives keep rolling around this challenge. Whenever they go to a party people judge them when they eat, people pass comments, and elders of the family constantly ask them to work on their health. Even if they try to forget this challenge for some time something or another thing pops up and they again enter into the cycle of self-hatred, guilt, and negative self-talk.

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Symptoms of obesity:
  1. Excessive body fat
  2. Back and/ or joint pain
  3. Excessive sweating
  4. Intolerance to heat
  5. Fatigue
  6. Infections in skin folds
  7. Feeling shortness of breath
  8. Difficulty in sleep
Here I want to suggest some ways of breaking this cycle and letting them live the life they always wished to live:
  1. First of all, remember one thing we all have some problems in life. People give you suggestions and comments only because your problem is visible to them. They too have some problems in their life but as it is not visible to us, we believe they are living a better life than us. Trust me when you will lose weight and become fit nothing will change in this world except how you feel about yourself.
  2. Don’t wait for the support system. Be your own support system. It will reduce your expectations from others and your relationship will improve. Be a one-man army.
  3. Each morning plan something for your weight loss and do it. Each night appreciate whatever you have done and sleep with relief that you made another step towards your happiness. There may be chances that negative thoughts will come, but keep reminding yourself that good things take some time. You can decide will do it one day or it will be your day one.
    If you are unable to maintain your practice, don’t be disheartened. Start again and again. Each time you will learn something different.
  4. Listen to your inner self. When you look outside you will dream and when you look inside you will be awake. Keep focusing on your inner beauty. If everything will become perfect in your life than what you will strive for? We all have certain flaws and aspiration which keeps us indulging in Maya.
  5. Make a promise to yourself that you are going to work for your health and happiness. You are 6 months to 1 year away from your dream life. Which you always do, but this time talk positive to yourself. The universe is always listening to us. What vibe you will create will revert back to you.
  6. Listen to motivational songs. This will ignite the zeal to work out. During the workout, imagine how you want to be with specific details.
  7. Drink lots of water. Don’t drink water before and after half an hour of your food.
  8. 40 Minutes of workout each day. It can be walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, or cardio. If you think you can do it on your own, then start at home. If you think you need extra, push then join classes related to the above-mentioned activities that you like.
  9. Reduce the amount of your dinner and eat full stomach in the morning.
  10. Remember, people are worried about you only because they care for you. For them, it’s easy to lose weight because they are not facing this problem but their intention is good. Respect their intention because it’s really hard to see people suffering whom you love.

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Perseverance in obesity patients:

People who are suffering from obesity struggle to maintain their routines. For them each day brings the same struggle with even more challenging and helpless thoughts. When they eat they feel guilty, when they don’t they feel lifeless. Their thoughts are focused on what they can eat in a good diet, which is tasty as well. They need a high level of motivation or a strong support system to face this battle. If they feel additional support can help them, they can join a community or group of people with similar issues. This can help them in developing better perseverance to maintain their diet plan.

Obesity and Confidence:

Obesity directly hits one confidence. People judge them, pass comments, or laugh at them. This affects their confidence. In such situations, they don’t want to be part of social gatherings, even when they love meeting people. To improve this they have to accept the fact that people are more interested in others’ problems than in solving their own problems. Acceptance can make the situation better for them to survive in social settings.

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If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s

Carl Jung

The devil lies in a detail. The more you will think about it, the harder it will become for you. Sometimes the simple way to be happy is to accept your situation and convert your wish into your action. It also means not being too harsh on yourself. It will only deepen the pain. You are the creation of God and whatever he does is perfectly ordered in his way, just because you don’t know it, it does not mean it is wrong. Instead of being emotional, be a little wise about your situation. Your happy self will work harder than your emotional self. Be happy because life is too short to be sad.

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