Mindfulness: the Ultimate Wellness Hack

Mindfulness: the Ultimate Wellness Hack

Mindfulness is the art of living fully in the here-and-now, present moment. Mindfulness takes inspiration from Eastern practices and puts a psychological spin to it, to fit the context of the current society. The term ‘Mindfulness’ is used freely now, but what exactly is mindfulness? Let’s take a deep dive.

Most often we look for ways to live a more fulfilling life; to live well. Mindfulness – which is not just a group of separate exercises but a way of living life – can prove to be the answer. Practicing mindfulness and incorporating this into our regular living can often leave lasting benefits. It is important to ask ourselves ever-so-often, “what am I aware of?”, and then ponder on how this awareness of yourself and your surroundings affected you. The core and possibly the most popular aspect of mindfulness is the use of one’s breath to anchor our awareness. The role of the breath is thus the very first process that helps switch from autopilot mode to deliberate, goal-directed processes that make us realize and then improve upon ourselves. Further, Mindfulness is the awareness of our senses, our surroundings and who we are within the context of our environments.

Various benefits of this vital skill include reduced mood swings and irritability, an increase in sleep quality and energy as well as helping with overthinking, by empowering us to sort the various stressors of life. This, in turn, makes us feel calm and internally still. Better immune functioning lowered blood pressure and heart rate and reduction in severe pains can also be achieved with constant and dedicated practice.

In fact, research also backs the various benefits that mindfulness adds. Research carried out by the University of Miami indicated that attention and working memory are not only protected but boosted by being mindful, and aware of breath. Interestingly, studies have shown holistic results in favour of mindfulness, which seems to have a significant effect on physical health and wellbeing. It is because of this that mental health professionals and even corporates utilize this all-rounder of a skill.

Mindfulness is no longer an optional skill to have, but rather a required necessity to keep ourselves physically and psychologically healthy.

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