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All the countrymen are following the lock-down with a view to preventing corona infection and preventing it to a certain level. Due to this type of lock-down, we are imprisoned in homes. All external activities have stopped in a way. This odd situation has affected our psychological aspect the most. If you talk to your neighbors, friends and distant relatives, you will find that they are all going through the same mental state – boredom and fear of survival.

When I say boredom, it simply means that we have nothing new to do. This is because we are not at home of our own free will, we have to stay for a long time without any plan and only when we have nothing new, we call our mood boredom in psychological language.  Let us understand the psychological reasons behind this. Most of us are accustomed to live life in a certain pattern. For example our daily behavior our jobs, our social responsibilities, shopping time and walking etc. In the same way our daily behavior becomes the product of our fixed life pattern and whenever this pattern changes against our desire then it has a direct effect on our behavior and this is exactly the situation we are facing right now.

The second important thing is the possibility of crisis in existence at present. Today this apprehension has made a large population stressed. In this context, I would like to say that it seems that this virus has reached very close to our brain and the most contribution to this is the exaggerated news and analysis that we are seeing or hearing all the days and our mood accordingly is being made. We are forgetting why we are taking stress even when we are taking all precautions and are healthy. This is because we are creating this tension ourselves.

 In this context I recall a story by the Russian writer Anton Chekhov – THE BET- Story of a lawyer and a banker.  As the story opens, a banker recalls the occasion of a bet he had made fifteen years before. Guests at the party that he was hosting that day fell into a discussion of capital punishment; the banker viewed it as more humane than life imprisonment, while a young lawyer disagreed, insisting that he would choose life in prison rather than death. They agreed to a bet: if the lawyer could spend fifteen years in total isolation, the banker would pay him two million rubles. The lawyer would have no direct contact with any other person, but could write notes to communicate with the outside world and receive whatever comforts he desired.

Confined to a guest room on the banker’s property, the lawyer suffers from loneliness and depression at first, but eventually begins to read and study in a wide range of subjects. As he takes advantage of the solitude to educate and amuse him in various ways over the years, the banker’s fortunes begin to decline. He realizes that if he loses, paying off the bet will lead to bankruptcy. In the early hours of the day when the fifteen-year period is to expire, the banker resolves to kill the lawyer. One night he goes to kill him but in his room he finds a note written by the lawyer reveals that he has chosen to abandon the bet, having learned that material goods are fleeting and that divine salvation is worth more than money..then watchman reports that the lawyer has climbed out the window and fled the property, forfeiting the bet. To prevent the spread of rumors, the banker locks the note in his safe.

Just today, this story can become an inspiration for us. First of all, for this time period you need to move away from your fixed life pattern and make new work plans, like spending personal time with parents and children. This will be a great experience for you. You can engage yourself creatively by creating new projects for children. Each new task will fill you with a new kind of energy. 

And yes, above all, it is time to make a harmony with nature, because at this time due to lack of human activities, nature is in its purest form, so go to the open air in the morning of your courtyard, see the beauty of the flowers of the garden. There was no time before in your fixed life pattern for this. Then you will never feel the existence in crisis, but you will feel connected with existence.

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