I opened my desktop to completely new wallpaper for after a month or more. And I see a beautiful landscape, hills and trees during the sunrise.

And apparently it made sense to see that during this tense phase of COVID 19 which is making people worry, become anxious, intolerant because we are all locked down for more than 2 weeks now.

A trigger factor for many to feel distressed.

What I feel is.. Yes, It is more than just tough or difficult to stay at home, do something but nothing at times because for many of us businessmen and women work has completely become a ‘Zero’ in everyday routine. And, when it doesn’t even take too many days to cause stress because of staying back at homes is challenging yet more than a possible job.

We know and we feel that the world looks like collapsing with so many dying, many at risk and those who are still untouched of disease and are safe are just potentially safe for as long as we practice the precautions suggested by the WHO.

Maybe we had become more than just careless about ourselves, our families, household responsibilities, and what has been there offered by nature in particular. Because, we have now had everything available to ourselves in abundance – at the click of a button, a call or screen’s touch! That Simple!!

We forgot to pay gratitude to all, everything and everyone we have. Maybe mother EARTH is asking for us to care for pretty long now. There have been hurricanes, floods, droughts and all kinds of natural calamities and catastrophe but we haven’t had the courtesy to stop any wrong and plant some more trees on a whole. May be some of us have been doing but some just staying back with excuses.

Now, is a time when the nature has given us a trigger and made us alert. Time – when it is giving us a warning to be more careful of ourselves, our activities, responsibilities and people around us. This is probably one of the hardest of times we are going through and we will for some huge time that the year 2020 has given us.

Some relationships and bonds will certainly strengthen; some may weaken if bent carelessly. Many will learn the art of doing new things. Many may find the best of their hobbies to stay calm and occupied meanwhile and many may just develop new strategies of staying at home and getting the best of themselves.

 Many among some who already know the art of managing in very little will further become pro’s in managing and balancing life in lesser resources at times while some would over do the use of resources and then learn upon their acts.

On a whole, we likely will win over this time and learn a lot of good while we stay updated and informed about the world and mind to bend our behaviors and positively engage ourselves in so much more lying around the pages and tabs on the internet.

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