Is Life All About Black And White Or Is It Grey?
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Is Life All About Black And White Or Is It Grey?

‘Don’t define your world in black and white, because there is so much hiding among the grays.’

World is made up of opposites. Like hot-cold, sweet-sour, male-females and the list keep on going and these dualities are most clearly divided at the broad extremes.But life is not always about black and white but about gray. Black and white are seen as comfort zone and gray a danger zone. This is because the society never taught us that it’s fine to possess the qualities of gray and have gray areas in the life. What we believe and affirm to is that day is with light and the night is without light. But, there are those in between times called dusk and dawn where it is quite difficult to say if it is actually a day or a night. Whenever the sun goes down do you officially call it evening? When before the sun breaks the skyline do you call it a day time? These are unsettled focuses in the world to the majority of us however that show there are gray areas even in our physical world that we can only see when we connect with our restricting qualities and nature.

If you are ever in a state where you are dealing with any gray areas no matter where you are with your gray areas you should always remember that, you are not so far that you can’t figure it out and it’s never too late for the things to settle down. You do not need to be labeled or feel broken because of the fact that you’re dealing with some stuff or problem in your life which is creating hindrances. Life is not a bed of roses neither it’s a bed of thorns. Happy and sad moments both are a part of life, but what matters the most is how do you prepare yourself for it in the time that is between sad and happy, never feel that you’re facing pain always or there is no success at all in your life, then life becomes useless for you. Everything takes its own time, and things will fall into place.

We all possess a choice about what we can control and what all we cannot. Exercise upon the action of what we know is right to do as per our knowledge. That is the biggest asset we all have in our lives, when it comes to the gray areas. It’s very easy for us to label something as good or bad so we carry on to do so without giving a thought about it and figuring out that what it really is. Thinking in extremes can really cause more negativity in our life. It’s okay to feel your feelings, we all are meant to feel different emotions as humans. Hiding behind the mask or bearing the blinders only keep the problems alive in your life and we won’t be able to overcome it if we will pertain the same thinking.

There are certain truths which we should learn and always keep in mind to embrace the gray areas in our life:

  • You should always remember that if you need little help, you are never falling apart.
  • Alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs aren’t required to you for relaxing.
  • You are not required to work yourself to the grave.
  • You’re not required to settle for the desiring second best or mediocrity.
  • You should never ever be afraid when it comes to speak about your life struggles neither you should hide your feelings.
  • Number of likes, friends or followers on social media do not matter.
  • Whatever you have achieved from your hard-work, you really deserve it.
  • You possess a power and capacity to decide your future by making your present fruitful.
  • We all have the ability to make empowering decisions which could lead to amazing results, all it requires is to focus.
  • It is possible to get ultimate joy, happiness, peace, and gratitude all it requires is hard and honest work.
  • Living a happy life is not that tough as it might feel.

The way we can overcome our gray areas is through self-acceptance:

Acceptance plays a very important role in our lives. Accept that life is not a mathematics equation, where either the answer would be right or wrong but rather it is an adventurous journey, which will include both good and bad times. Accept that your life is not going to be the same like your cousin, or neighbors, or friends and or any other people. You will have your own joys and sorrows of life. Accept that there will be times when you have to choose among things, there will be time when you will have clutter of problems but all you should remember throughout this is that accepting the present and working for the better future will help you sail through everything. Ultimately you will glow out of your problems. Life will give you both the happy and the sad challenges.

We waste so much time on thinking what is right and what is wrong during this we miss on to the things which are being offered to us in the present moment. Life will have its both negatives and positives and one should accept both of them with equal intensity. The moment you start embracing, its complexities will be the moment you will start living. The biggest acceptance which we have to make is that the life is lived in shades of gray.

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