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How to spend less time on Social Media? and activities to do Instead

In the present era, From the sun rises to sunsets, we often find ourselves glued to our mobile phones, regardless of their intended uses. Along with our phone battery, it sometimes feels like our brain is also exhausting itself of


US Surgeon General Urges Social Media Platforms to Display Warning Labels Similar to Tobacco Products  

Dr Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, is pushing for a transformation in the way social media platforms engage with young people. He is pressing Congress to enact legislation requiring social media companies to display clear warnings about the potential


Social Media and SadFishing

The increase in the use of social media has also seen an increase in the amount of information we share through it. Self-disclosure and reciprocity are very important for building a deeper relationship this is true for virtual relationships as


Amazon Tribe Addicted to Social Media and Porn after Internet Installation

The Marubo tribe of the Amazon rainforest living in remote isolation for millennia gets hooked up by an internet connection due to Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite opening up them with numerous diverse opportunities as well as challenges. This act has


Psychologists tell Why we are getting Addicted to Social Media

Social media refers to any platform, website, or application that allows us to share and interact. Today, It is much more than a platform for communication, it supports business, entertainment, networking, education, and whatnot. This has made our lives easier


West Bengal Board Class 10 question paper images leaked on social media

The posting of photographs of exam question paper of class 10 on social media has been an ongoing problem in Bengal, continuing into the third exam in a row. A news agency reported a senior education official as claiming that


How does social media materialism bring both stress and unhappiness?

The researchers from the Faculty of Psychology at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany acquired a total number of 1,230 people for the online survey. Participants were asked to make a use of any one social media platform once a week in

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How Social Media Affects Our Attention Span

Many times, we open social media platforms to take a break from our studies or work that we were engaged in earlier till the times we are surprised to see the break which was intended to be no longer than


Kho Gaye Ham Kahan: A Dark Story of Social Media World

Kho Gaye ham kahan is a genz film that talks about our generation. In a simple way, where our lives are just too dependent on social media, likes, and validation. Moreover, it also addresses some real-life issues, which include relationship


Reduced Social Media Linked to Better Work, Less Depression: Study

Social networking sites are becoming integral to our daily lives in this always-on, always-connected society. Every day, we take in a deluge of news and updates as we peruse limitless streams, monitoring the lives of loved ones and strangers alike.