Improve Yourself: The Best Revenge?
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Improve Yourself: The Best Revenge?


There will be times in your life when things become really tough and you face insurmountable challenges that seem overwhelming. The key to overcoming such situations is to systematically improve yourself. Even if you fail, you must not give up; Instead, you should choose to dust it off and stand up to work harder and smarter to make yourself a better person worthy of success. Always remember, the best revenge is to improve yourself consistently.

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Some of the examples of such tough times are when people around you try to insult or humiliate you by passing comments about your personality/career/life and there are times when you get betrayed by your friends. Being betrayed is undoubtedly an unfortunate thing that can happen to someone. Generally children within the adolescence stage go through such elements more often because this stage is quite unstable where children’s interests and social circles change frequently due to them being prone to get into different troubles in their friend circle.

Watching your friends turn into strangers is one of the world’s biggest disappointments. Such feelings may lead to self-doubt and reduce our vanity. It is doubtlessly a bad feeling for the person. However, sometimes the victim indulges in negative habits or starts showing symptoms of destructive behaviour in order to take revenge on the person who is responsible for their misery is where ”Getting an eye for an eye” comes into the picture.

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We become so involved in this revenge cycle that we start spending our precious time overthinking and making plans to hurt the person and inflict them with a similar pain that they have caused us. The thought of taking revenge surprisingly empowers our mind and we think of nothing but of numerous ways to seek our revenge. Such negative thought cycles ultimately make us a lost individual who loses our path and starts ignoring our goals or dreams. For such individuals, their sole purpose in life becomes seeking their revenge.

What does this negative feeling of taking revenge do to your life?

It has an adverse effect on the overall personality of the individual which leads to a decrease in concentration ability because the mind is already occupied with negative thoughts which ultimately leads to poor performance of the individual in work and studies. Negative effects on social life and relationships of a person because social isolation is a common response to such feelings as a person gets totally lost in their own world and toxicity within him will start spreading in their life and will eventually consume him, adversely affecting his daily life functioning and social life.

When we try to hurt others we tend to cause more pain to ourselves. Don’t forget those who don’t act pro-socially and intentionally hurt others tend to suffer the psychological cost that comes with guilt and regret. Is the feeling of taking revenge difficult to let go of? No, it’s not. Let’s talk about how one can overcome such feelings and make himself/herself a better individual. The one who is wrong should be scared, not the one who follows the trail of truth and peace. Our deeds determine our destiny.

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How can you overcome the feeling of Revenge?

When someone is determined to hurt us and wishes to cause us damage then the best way to get revenge is to improve yourself. Generally improving yourself is a great thing to do. Don’t go hurting those people physically or emotionally because hurting someone the way they hurt us makes us a bigger culprit. We have one life, so why spend it thinking about taking revenge on others instead we should focus on ourselves and enjoy our life to the fullest.

Why waste our energy in destructive activities instead of channelling that energy into constructive habits and saving mental peace and time? Improvement helps us achieve our dreams/goals as when we get better at what we do; we tend to accomplish more in our life making our life much more peaceful and satisfactory. Self-improvement is all about building a better character, possessing healthy habits, adopting smart ideas and working hard to accomplish your dreams or goals.

Thus, bringing out the best within yourself. When you commit to improvement, you may inspire others to do the same. Everyone wishes to improve themselves and wants to become a more confident and better version of themselves. But didn’t know how so here are some tips to improve yourself:-

  • Face your fears
  • Explore numerous fields
  • Learn new skill or language
  • Commit to reading every day
  • Every day try something new
  • Manage your extra time in productive habits
  • Channelize the energy into constructive habits
  • Learn Time management, meet your deadlines
  • Small life choices can eventually shape your life. Eat healthy. Stay healthy
  • Live in an inspiring environment with good people and choose your mentor carefully.
  • Some small positive changes make big differences over a long period of time. Positive changes are healthy.

Focusing on your overall personality in such a way that you become a self-reliable individual by enhancing autonomy.

 Love all, trust a few and do wrong to none.

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