How To Protect Your Child from Cyber Related Problems
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How To Protect Your Child from Cyber Related Problems

Now days, Children are facing many challenges by using internet where they are exposed to inappropriate content, cyber predators, and bullies. The epidemic made kids even more dependent on technology and online resources. But many parents are still unaware of the information and skill to be needed to protect children.

In a survey, antivirus firm Norton mentioned Concerns regarding children’s internet safety. In its survey, it was found that 86% of Indian adults agreed that it is now more necessary than ever for parents to communicate to their children about online safety. Additionally, they kept the importance of teaching kids good practices and online safety. The study further pointed out that totally 78% of Indian parents have kids who have done at least one thing on the phone without their parent’s permission.

To prevent children from cyber-related problems, parents should inculcate healthy online practices in their children. This article will provide you with some ideas that will help to guide your child.


By using the family link, people can set up a supervised account for their children. It allows parents to establish digital ground rules for their child’s account, such as restricting content, approving app downloads and purchases, regulating screen time, and more as their children learn, play, and explore online.

The app also enables users to manage children’s access to particular websites by blocking or hiding inappropriate apps for children when they are using the Chrome browser on Android and ChromeOS. Parents can remotely lock their devices, view the location of their signed-in and active Android devices, modify the content, access, and examine children’s app permissions like microphone, camera, and contacts access on Android and ChromeOS.

Additionally, it enables users to control Google Search settings like SafeSearch. When using Google, the SafeSearch option aids in removing explicit results like violent pictures. It is a default setting for users under the age of 18 who are logged in to Family Link. SafeSearch, however, only functions with Google search results and does not filter out explicit material on other browsers.

This app can be downloaded from the play store. Then the app can be linked by setting up parent control available on the child’s device.


Microsoft provides Family Safety software to assist parents to keep tabs on their kids’ whereabouts and online activity, instill good habits in them, and provide a secure environment for youngsters to explore. The programme enables setting parental controls to exclude inappropriate applications and games and kid-friendly websites can be set on Microsoft Edge surfing. Other capabilities include tracking children’s locations and seeing their driving history, including top speeds and routes, and managing spending on apps and games. It is beneficial to keep tabs on children’s online activities, balance their screen time by imposing restrictions on particular Android, Xbox, or Windows applications and games, and establish device limitations on Xbox and Windows. This app is available in the apple play store and Google play store.


To safeguard the online safety of kids using its services, Meta has made substantial investments throughout the years. It launched a Child Safety Hub on Facebook to provide guidelines, tools, and resources for parents, guardians, and educators on children’s online safety and wellbeing. The hub solidifies and extends Meta’s programme offerings in the areas of online safety, digital literacy, wellbeing, and bullying prevention. It is accessible in 13 Indian languages. The company has established a Parents’ Guide on Instagram that is available in 7 Indian languages in addition to English. Educating parents about all the safety features available on the platform, it aims to assist in keeping children safe.

In India, Meta is assisting the RATI Foundation (Aarambh India Initiative) with the establishment of the “Meri Trustline” helpline, which is intended to provide support to children under the age of 18 who are disturbed due to issues regarding cybersecurity, like cyberbullying and losing control over sensitive media, including self-generated child sexual abuse content. The helpdesk will be accessible to minors as well as other stakeholders including caregivers, parents/guardians, teachers, siblings, young adults, and allies between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, on weekdays. The helpline will also be available in both Hindi and English.

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