How can you cheer your friend or a loved one who is having a bad mood or a bad day?
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How can you cheer your friend or a loved one who is having a bad mood or a bad day?

The question is very straight but its answer can vary. Human life is full of ups and downs and human life can simply be symbolized by the sea-waves that represent the turmoil of human misery (swings in human life). The ascending and descending of waves denote the ups and downs of life. Many people are having a tough time right now, we can’t deny the very fact that this pandemic has brought immense sorrow and pain with it. Many times our friends and we feel sad and may have a bad mood due to various reasons but mainly it’s because of the distance by which we all are apart from each other and are not able to meet our friends and family. Both humans and animals feel different emotions at different times. We have got variable mood patterns relying upon numerous factors including environmental factors. Some days will be cheerful while some days will be filled with pain and sorrow. Negative feelings or emotions are more powerful than positive emotions; this is why they have a more prominent impact on our mind and body. Negative emotions empowers us, consumes us by negatively impacting our health. It makes us have a negative bias due to which we are not able to feel anything else but negative vibes and emotions all around us, it narrows down our perspective. Thus, an individual having a bad mood needs our support to beat negativity bias and to uplift their spirit.

However, there are some times when we ourselves our struggling with our problems and realize ourselves to be trapped in a troublesome situation where we get second thoughts either to help our friend or to focus on ourselves but before making the decision it is necessary for you to know that ‘a friend in need is friend indeed’ and friends should always help and support each other, if you think you are in a better condition and capable of improving their state then why to take a step back, instead you must lend your hand towards them, a hand of kindness. However, it’s our moral duty and respomsibility to assist our peers and family members in their tough times and give our best for the betterment of their condition.

So, here are some things you can say and do for an individual having a bad day, such that they feel enlightened with positivity and happiness:-

  • Reassure Faith: It is very necessary that a person in distress should not lose faith. Faith offers us the motivation we need to overcome our obstacles and encourage us to never give up. Thus, it’s necessary to redevelop such faith in our loved ones. Faith for a better tomorrow and faith for a better life.
  • Listen to them: It is very important for you to talk to them regarding how they are feeling, which things are bothering them and if they need our help to solve their problem. Half of the time, people just need a friendly ear, an ear which is non- judgmental. They just want to be heard and need a shoulder to cry on. So, encourage them and assure them that it’s okay to not be okay and they can talk about whatever they want without being afraid of being judged.
  • Comfort them: Adore and comfort them by expressing your love and care towards them. Comforting becomes easy once you start relating to their problem by sharing your past similar stories or situations or coming up with similar things. Once you share an identical story with an individual, they connect with you and feel comfortable in talking about their feelings as they no longer have a thought that ”it is only happening to them” and don’t feel alone as it comforts them when a similar event has happened with other people as well.
  • Practice Meditation: You should encourage the other person to try mindfulness techniques and Meditate because such practices actually bring a positive change and help to keep off the mind from negative things and unfold positive vibes within the body.
  • Have Fun Together: Cheer your friend by watching a movie together, playing games, listening to favourite songs or going out to have some fun eating ice creams or some food together. In Lockdown, outings or physical meetings may not be possible but virtual fun is indeed possible. Do whatever comforts you and your friend. Play online multiplayer games or watch Netflix together. Do whatever is required to keep their mind distracted because after some time they will heal by themselves. Time is indeed a healer.
  • Advise Them To Take A Break: You should encourage the individual to take a few days off from work and relax. Change the environment because our surroundings also determine our mood so sometimes it’s good to give a break to yourself from a busy and exhausting schedule and go on a vacation or picnic or simply chill in the house, enjoy and relax. Restore your energy by such productive means and it will definitely help to uplift the mood and spirit.
  • Day shall Pass : You should make them understand that it’s just a day and it will pass, it’s always dark before dawn and this day will too surely pass and a ray of sunshine will reappear unfolding happiness in their world and will fill their life with joy and positivity.
  • Change The Perspective: You should advise the person to overlook the situation from a different perspective; sometimes you just need a different angle to look at things. Usually negativity dominates over positivity but positive attributes are always present, you simply have to look at things the other way. One of the famous example which can justify the above statement is “A half glass filled with water is either called as Half-filled or Half empty”, just a matter of perspective.
  • Develop Positive Attitude: Advice the person to never lose kindness and positivity. Develop gratitude and appreciate what you have. Such positive attributes can really help to overcome difficult situations with ease.
  • Self-introspect: Sometimes people just need to perform self-introspection. Advise the individual to look beneath himself and try to understand what went wrong, what mistake he made which led to such distress, identify the mistake, work on it and motivate them to improve themselves rather than being self-pity.
  • Reassurance of Hope: Encourage the person to never lose hope, believe in himself, and believe in life. You should make yourself strong and hope for a better tomorrow. Share moral lessons and values with the individual which can help in their development and bring a positive change.

Last but not least, don’t stop working hard because of your failures because sometimes life examines your strength and capabilities by giving you tough challenges and after overcoming such challenges life rewards you with success and happiness you truly deserve, your hard work never gets wasted. It is advised to never indulge in bad habits after witnessing a failure or after having a bad day, remember a bad day doesn’t mean the end, it’s just a beginning for better tomorrow. Appreciate your life and develop gratitude. Stay strong, stay healthy and stay confident.

It is well said by Dr. Kanika,


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