Class sessions will held 9:00 AM or later for pre-primary to 4th grade: Maharashtra

Class sessions will held 9:00 AM or later for pre-primary to 4th grade: Maharashtra

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With the beginning of 2024-25 academic sessions, classes for pre-primary to 4th grade will not hold before 9:00 AM. A government resolution is issued by the state education department directing all schools in Maharashtra, regardless of affiliation board, to begin classes of pre-primary to grade 4th at 9:00 AM or later.

Why this resolution?

Declaring that this requires immediate attention in light of transformed lifestyle, the GR points out children’s late-night sleeping habits lead to physical as well as mental health problems because of insufficient sleep. Governor proposed a shift in school hours in December 2023, simultaneously with a number of measures initiated by the department of education. Recently, sleep timings of people have changed. Many kids are still up beyond midnight. However, kids had to wake up early morning to go to school. Children who suffer from lack of sleep as a result, requiring adjustments to school schedules.

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Because of the changing lifestyle, children as well as adults together are sleeping later, a variety of today’s entertainment options, and an urban life that keeps people staying up late with loud noises. As a result, both physical and emotional well-being is suffering.

School timings preference

Also talk about the struggles faced by the parents due to early morning school, involving travelling during fog as well as rain. Many parents select early morning school because it fits better with their job schedules. Additionally, it provides children enough time to relax as well as engaging in extracurricular activities after school. Preference for the school timings is totally up to both the parents and the school. The government should not involve in it. It is said by the president of India Wide Parents Association.

It is claimed that early scheduling is a habit that parents do demand upon so their children could go school before they leave to go to work. Chairperson of Members of International School Association (MISA) said that a change in time would affect how schools function on a daily basis. In addition, children are learning discipline through school timings. Instead, the government should urge parents to make it sure that their kids get to bed early. It is also mentioned that certain schools need to start early when they provide pre-primary education in various sessions, usually lasting just 2-3 hours.

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Impact of child’s insufficient sleep on mental health

  1. Emotional control: insufficient sleep can impact the capacity of child to control their emotions; it can result in excessive irritability, mood swings as well as issues in managing stress.
  2. Behavioral issues: those who don’t get proper sleep may show sudden changes in behavior involving impulsivity, hyperactivity, as well as improper concentration. These problems could affect how well they function academically as well as in social situations.
  3. Mental health disorders: mental health issues such as depression as well as anxiety are increased due to lack of sleep.
  4. Raised stress: become more stress and more prone to the symptoms of anxiety as well as depression. It also has impact on general well-being as well as physical health.
  5. Reduced social functioning: it made difficult for them to interact with others and establishing trusting bonds with their classmates. Also struggle to maintain proper social behavior as well as interpreted social signs.
  6. Other impacts such as – improper cognitive functioning such as attention and problem-solving, physical health problems etc.

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In general, the entire growth as well as well-being of children, also including both physical and mental health, depends on the amount of enough sleep they get. Both parent and the caregivers should place a high value on creating good sleep routines as well as habits.


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