Being emotionally intelligent: The need of the hour
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Being emotionally intelligent: The need of the hour

The concept of EQ (emotional intelligence) is becoming popular in modern days as the experts believe that it is one’s ‘Emotional Intelligence’ that plays a greater role in all the spheres of the life. Emotional Intelligence is a blend of factors such as self-awareness, motivation, emotional regulation, self-esteem and maintaining, boosting confidence level of oneself.

How does it affect our life?

Emotional Intelligence is the understanding of the emotions of own self as well as of others and the regulating and controlling these emotions in a right way as and when required. It can be better understood by a simple example: Suppose we are talking to our friend or relative, then he/she may say something which is not according to our expectations at that moment of time. In this situation being aggressive may result in sore relationships. We might be at the peak of our career or profession at a particular time and then suddenly we are blown away by any distraction that leads to failure. It happens when we can’t understand our emotions, we can’t priorities them as per the need of the situation. A person with poor or low emotional intelligence is often stuck into such conditions.

In the study conducted on the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-esteem among adolescents, it was found that emotional intelligence is positively related with self-esteem. A student with higher score of emotional intelligence showed greater scores of self-esteem and vice-versa.  Self-esteem is the right evaluation of one’s caliber and abilities, so it can be stated that one who is emotionally intelligent will be an expert at deciding his own abilities. Eventually he/ she will be good at managing and prioritizing the task, which is the indicator of success in our life.  

Why it’s important in today’s era?

According to a report published by World Health Organization nearly 8 lac people die every year because of suicide. Based on the investigation reports of each suicide, the reason of these increased suicide rates have been many. But one common thing amongst the reports was that there was a lack of confidence in self, a lack of interest in life and a lack of regulation of emotions among the suicides before committing suicide. Regulation of emotions is mandatory in day to day activities. We shouldn’t say everything that we think, rather we must express out only those thoughts which can help us maintain our relationships better. This decision of extracting something depends on understanding the emotions of others. So this process of regulating emotions helps us developing our emotional intelligence.

We usually experience and observe our friends saying ‘I was about to say this harshly but I didn’t because this could have made him/her feel bad’. And we also hear our friends saying ‘I didn’t want to say this harshly but I couldn’t stop myself’. In the first instance the narrator has good self-awareness and a good level of emotional intelligence but in the second instance the narrator lacks in these aspects.

In today’s era of digitalization human interaction is becoming lesser and lesser day by day. We are texting instead of talking, we are skyping instead of meeting, and we are meeting just to mark the attendance. We order food online, we order clothes online, and we order household items online. We are reducing the human to human interaction daily via online entanglements, keeping ourselves isolated. These good or bad outcomes of the increased usage of internet and its increased availability.

But developing and managing good quality interpersonal relationships can only be achieved by flourishing human interactions, spending quality time with our loved ones. We can make friends online; we can get engaged too online. Human interaction is the basic needs of humans since creation. We feel fulfilled and satisfied in life with the quality relations we have. Quality relations are made and maintained by understanding self as well others; being emotionally intelligent.

Stay happy, fulfilled and successful by being Emotionally Intelligent!

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