Rising drug abuse in Haryana: A cause for concern
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Rising drug abuse in Haryana: A cause for concern

Drugs are very damaging to your health. Some people use it for recreational purposes. For example when they are with their friends or they are at a party which is more dangerous than it seems. Many such users might go on to take the dark path. Drugs are one example of a highly addictive substance that requires serious consideration. Depending on their tastes, many people become addicted to a variety of substances, including marijuana, LSD, heroin, and cocaine. Repeated misuse of drugs as a way to escape has unfortunate consequences. More people can stay away from such things, it is much better for them and their loved ones. Sadly, such is not the case in the city of Sirsa in Haryana been observed. People are degenerating into fatal narcotics.

Sirsa is located in the tri-center of three states, namely Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Everyone knows the case of Punjab and how infamous it is regarding its drug scene. Observers have since noticed a similar pattern of juvenile drug misuse in Sirsa, Haryana. Chief minister Manohar Lal Khatter in his speech admitted that 40 death due to drug misuse had taken place in the district. Why is this happening, many wonder but there are many reasons why.

Drug Abuse Contributing Factors

The youth is under tremendous pressure, undergoing many issues such as unemployment and economic troubles that have aggravated the issue. The youth earlier would go to alcohol for their dependence. Which has now shifted to narcotics drugs like Heroin which is much more fatal. Large drug traffickers use Sirsa, which is close to Punjab, to grow their operations and provide narcotics to states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The big players in the drug scene use peddlers to transport the drugs to their consumers at their doorstep.

People in the state blame the culture and socio-economic reasons for this. The youth’s mistaken behavior is a result of their lack of sufficient education and supervision regarding the effects of drug misuse. Many of the habitual users suffer from depression and anxiety. Which puts them in a cycle and they do not seek help. Such users see the tragic ending to their fate in cases of suicide. There needs to be proper care and education regarding drugs in schools and colleges. For helping people stray away from harmful substances. 

Battling a rising drug crisis
Drug Abuse Prevention Measures

The police have taken an active role in attempting to stop this threat. There have been serious arrests and seizing of drugs under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. This year, law enforcement officers detained 785 people after discovering 6.987 kg of heroin, 56 kg of opium, 2,250 kg of poppy husk, and 24 kg of ganja. The authorities are also helping to raise awareness regarding drug abuse by setting up camps, 800 of which took place this year.

Apart from the government facilities for rehabilitation support, many private rehab centers have also been set up in the state. Drug addiction can be treated with medical care. Psychiatrists in the field have the right knowledge regarding substance use disorders and they know the right treatment for such. Psychopharmacology help people get out of addiction and live healthier lives with the help of medicines. Psychotherapy is also very beneficial for drug abusers to help them understand their situation better and be able to support themselves. The facilities for improvement and healing are very much active in the state. But many people need to have awareness regarding such things as well.

Authorities discovered a young man dead on his motorbike in Sirsa a few months ago with a syringe stuck into his left arm. Such a sight to see is very disheartening for anyone and very strict action needs to be starting to take place regarding drug control. The youth are the treasure of any state and the future depends on their shoulders, their ill health is a cause for concern for the entire state.

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