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    Awareness Self Help

    Burnout: Symptoms, Causes & Tips to Overcome

    Burnout is a condition of extreme physical, mental, and emotional tiredness brought on by extended periods of high stress. It

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    Awareness Education

    Transtheoretical Model of Health Behaviour Change

    Have you ever started working on a New Year Health Resolution with full zeal only to bring it to a

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    Apathy and its Impact on Modern Life

    The pace and demands of modern life have made it harder than ever to care about things. With a plethora

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    Education Positive

    Walking Meditation Unveiled: A Pathway to Holistic Well-Being

    When you hear or read the term ‘meditation’, what images do you see? Do you see an individual sitting calmly

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    Awareness Self Help

    15 proven Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

    The concept of sleep hygiene first caught on when Peter J. Hauri coined the term in 1977 whilst formulating a

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    A Recipe for Beating Social Loafing

    Social loafing refers to the reduction in the individual’s motivation, effort, and performance when they are present in a group

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    Positive Self Help

    Yoga: A Path to Psychological Well-Being

    When thinking of “good” mental health, various synonymous words like emotional stability, strength, balance elated mood etc, come to mind.

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    The Psychology Behind Standard

    Human beings are the social beings. What differentiates us with other animals is the way we behave in society and

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    Self Help

    Pluviophile or Monsoon Blues? Embrace the Beauty of Rain

    The rain embarks Indian cities giving a relief with heatwaves. With the onset of rain, people’s reactions are on polar

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    Life After Psychosis: The Rehabilitation of Patients with Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia is the descriptive term for a group of psychotic disorders in which personal, social and occupational functioning deteriorate as

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