Global Development Delay: Symptoms,Causes and Treatment
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Global Development Delay: Symptoms,Causes and Treatment


Global Developemnt Delay (GDD) term refers to when child delays in one or more milestone like motor skill , cognitive , social , speech etc sometimes it can be physical too, there are not any single cause responsible for this but many. kids with this disorder are easily observed because they act different from the normal kids. Can Global Development Delay Can Be Cured? NO! this can’t however it can be improved at certain leve

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Symptoms Of Global Development Delay (GDD)

There are various symptoms and can differ from kid to kid depending on the severity of disorder sometimes it easily seen in infant but if not it can be seen in school going kid. Most common symptoms are as below:

  • Lower IQ.  
  • Kids with GDD cant think rationally or can solve problems.
  • They are not capable of carrying out everyday task such as toilet training or dressing up .
  • Trouble learning in school other children when can learn easily child with GDD cannot cope with it.
  • Normal activities such as rolling, crawling, walking, sitting up etc it doesn’t develop at appropriate age.
  • Unable to connect actions with words for instant if asked to show a for apple they will show some other alphabet.
  • Difficulty in communication and mixing with other usually normal kid gets gel up with other easily but with GDD kids cant socialise.
  • Difficult talking or responding slow when asked to point things they will either act as if haven’t heard or will respond very negligible.
  • Lacks all social skills GDD donot socialise with other they lack interactive skills as they response or sometimes donot even response.
  • Tends to forget things usually normal kids remember the things they have put or whom they have met easily GDD children donot remember any of it.   

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Causes Of Global Development Delay (GDD)

For GDD to develop there are no single cause eventually many other factors are responsible both biological and environmental this cannot affect at particular phase of life but before birth during birth process or after the birth some of the causes are as follow:

  • Before Birth: Our body and mind is directly connected when mother’s body is exposed to drugs & other toxic substance , pre mature birth , pre natal infection or haemorrhage. In all of the above conditions foetus is affected and so does the development.
  • During Birth: when delivering a child it is excess important to take care of many things as it is the most crucial time for both child as well as mother during the birth if there is head injury or some infections can cause serious problem or GDD .
  • After Birth: If baby is healthy delivered even after birth if there is physical abuse, trauma, malnutrition child can experience GDD.

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Sometimes genetic or family background can also be the cause of GDD.

Erik Erikson Developmental Stages Focuses On Psychosocial Development Where As Freud Given  Psychosexual Development Here  Erik Development Stages Are Much Realted In Gdd Compared  To Frued.

Treatment For Global Development Delay (GDD)

However GDD cannot be fully recovered there are some of the techniques useful for the child to slightly match up with normal kids techniques listed below:

  • Physical Therapy: Certain exercise helps to develop motor ability or recover from injury that might cause delay.
  • Occupational Therapy: This therapy focuses on adaptive skills such as sensory, motor skills or complete other functional tasks.
  • Re-Evaluation: As child gets older can get under specific assessment re-evaluation helps to identify more specific cause and provide more specific diagnosis.
  • Speech Therapy: one of the most useful technique this teaches a child to express their need and to have a basic conversation this might help them to feel they can talk like normal kid.
  • Early Childhood Special Education: There are various NGO, PRESCHOOL OR KINDERGARTEN offering special education to development delayed kids with the same goal of meeting child with basic needs.

Besides Therapy Things You Can Do For The Physical, Cognitive ,Social And Economic Development In Classroom Setting:

  1. Use active listening
  2. Keep distraction minimal
  3. Use age appropriate tools & books
  4. Break down task into smaller steps
  5. Use larger and clear picture to demonstrate
  6. Use child size tables and chair in the classroom
  7. Place object in children hand to make them feel
  8. Speak much slowly for children to process words
  9. Provide prop for children to understand the concepts
  10. Use activities that include cutting, pasting, drawing etc
  11. Be patience while children is speaking donot rush to answer
  12. Take physical activities and take children out for play, run & climb.
  13. Set a routine for children so that they can learn time management
  14. Encourage participation in classroom for more interactive class
  15. While eating let child make the mess and use their hand to eat so that they can feel the connection between hand,food and mind.

In conclusion GDD is an umbrella term under development disorder children with GDD can live a normal life yes they do when given right treatment at right time and diagnosed early to provide enhanced life however there are no permanent cure for this but as above mentioned when given appropriate physical, cognitive therapies and made parents aware of it this can be normalised.

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