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Effects of Spirituality on Students’ Mental Health

Students frequently find themselves dealing with multiple issues that might have a negative impact on their mental health in the

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Let’s clarify some myths about schizophrenia

Psychological disorders are quite the umbrella term for several mental illnesses, especially nowadays in the era of the internet and

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Psychology of Growing Positively Out of Regret: A Guide

Experiencing feelings of regret in life is common. Any kind of incident such as a missed opportunity, a bad decision,

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Teenage Pregnancy and Its Impact on Mental Health

The gap between childhood and adulthood is known as adolescence. It entails some significant changes to the physical structure of

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Discovering the Magic of Yoga: A Multicultural Event in Uganda

A large number of Ugandans were among the yoga aficionados who gathered for an energizing yoga class intended to promote

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Are you suffering from Identity Crisis?

Your inner voice may occasionally speak to you and inquire of your current self. “How am I doing? Is this

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How Knowledge Transforms Our Life

A human being is a social animal that can’t exist without a society. Knowledge is one the basis of society

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