Kho Gaye Ham Kahan: A Dark Story of Social Media World

Kho Gaye Ham Kahan: A Dark Story of Social Media World

Kho gaye hum kahan

Kho Gaye ham kahan is a genz film that talks about our generation. In a simple way, where our lives are just too dependent on social media, likes, and validation. Moreover, it also addresses some real-life issues, which include relationship problems, childhood traumas, setting unrealistic beauty barriers, dependency on social media, intolerance towards rejection, fear of abandonment, and childhood sexual abuse.

It also shows how much these electronics like phones have created a distance between each of us. Not only does it make the distance, but also fills our minds with toxicity. Like why our happiness is dependent on social media and why people need validation from these likes and comments.

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Then we said it was having fun. It also displays how we do not know how to live in the moment, but Start capturing it and posting it on our account. Jealousy and insecurity are increasing day by day, which is ruining many relationships also. Furthermore, it also sheds light on how these insecurities can result in Stalking and showing hate toward others which results in cyberbullying. Nowadays, behind all these dreamy worlds, are the influencers on various social media apps. Many people start feeling inferior whenever they compare it with influencer lives. Moreover, they feel whatever they are doing is not enough, which is why people start developing mental health issues. In this article, we will look into the strange world of social media.

The Rise Of Influencer Marketing And The Psychology Behind It

Social media provides a place for everyone to express themselves freely. Over the years, the individuality concept has gained popularity across social platforming sites. People also tend to compare themselves with these popular influencers, which results in imitating them to increase their motivation. Now the question comes of how we can become popular on social media and many of us are aware of the answer that it is the number of followers and engagement a person possesses with respect to their content.

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It has also become one of the ways to earn money by posting creative, interesting content. Furthermore, the desire to fit in has become another factor that drives the popularity of individuals. People start imitating other popular people as they start wearing the clothes they wear, going places they have gone to, or saying the same words as they do just to fit in with their friends, and peers.

Positive Impacts of Influencers

The influencer community has grown on social media and many people are seeing it as their career options. This arrival of influencer’s thing on social media has both negative and positive effects on our society. In this section, we will see the positive impacts of influencers on our society.

Spreading Awareness:

Since social media has become accessible to everyone, therefore more and more awareness is also becoming available.
The major contribution of influencers on social sites could be the spreading of awareness as these people have the ability to send their message to millions of people around the world. As it provides a platform to ship your message, being vocal about the problems they want to speak about catches people’s attention for vital reasons. Moreover, it additionally amplifies the voices of these individuals who have been unheard, and influencers have a massive role in this amplification and create a sense of fairness in society.

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Fostering Community And Connections:

Apart from spreading cognizance in society, influencers assist in inspiring the improvement of networks and connections. We are living in a world where from time to time we experience disconnected from each other. Therefore, influencers can make a space for all of us to come collectively, speak to each other, and raise troubles that are counted to them. Moreover, this dialogue can bring different communities of people underneath an identical roof. Humans from wonderful religions, and communities, can debate and speak in a peaceful manner.

Providing Inspiration And Motivation:

Many influencers on social platforming sites are motivated to carry a positive trade in society through their content. By sharing their reviews, their feelings, and their ups. In addition, downs, and might encourage many folks who might be not so confident about themselves. Additionally, humans regularly see influencers as their position fashions and try to do things like them. Influencers through their efforts can make human beings live their lives on their terms and arise for themselves.
In these methods, influencers can help so many lives and leave a high-quality effect.

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Negative Impact of Influencers

It is essential to look at the unseen side of the influencers’ community. On the one facet in which it makes a terrific place for every person on social media, on the other facet, it would create troubles that make humans full of toxicity and lack of confidence.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards And Comparison:

Unrealistic beauty standards and comparisons are the most terrible impact that our younger technology is facing on social media. We all understand that whatever we see on social media is published after a lot of editing and filters, but we examine the things with our truth.

As a result, people start finding flaws in them and feel inferior. As young minds who are, still finding their own identity can come under this impact and develop several psychological conditions like anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, etc. by seeing influencers live too much. They might start feeling bad about their body image and may feel low self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Overwhelming Commercialism And Consumerism:

Another negative impact of influencers is the overwhelming commercialism and consumerism. As we have seen, influencers doing paid partnerships with brands to endorse their products and make money out of it. But it can make their followers feel pressured to buy these products even if there is no need for them to buy them. Sometimes, people cannot afford some stuff that their favorite influencers are promoting but still they buy it. All this will lead to an unhealthy obsession with materialism and it will create spending money mindlessly on unnecessary things.

Enabling Spread Of Misinformation:

The spreading of wrong and misinformation is another damaging impact led by influencers. As they promote some products that are medically proven to be used and hence they develop several serious health issues. Without knowing the correct information about that product, people promote it and many people buy it.

Apart from ruining physical health due to misinformation, many influencers are diagnosing other people’s mental well-being without being actual psychologists. Many influencers do not check their facts when diagnosing mental health problems. This creates serious issues for people dealing with mental health issues. It can contribute to the development of anxiety and depression among people.

In conclusion, it is important to celebrate your uniqueness and your self-worth. Just be proud of yourself and do not compare yourself with others. This new year, resolve to love and prioritize yourself before others.


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