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Psychologs is a magazine that aims to provide insightful and informative articles on various aspects of Mental Health and Psychology. The magazine is designed to appeal to both professionals in the field of psychology as well as the general public who are interested in understanding human behavior and Psychological Issues.


Long Covid Neurological Symptoms Uncovered by Study

We all know COVID – 19 had a significant impact on our lives. It also had a significant impact on

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The Powerful Connection Between Mental Health and Spirituality

Mental health and spirituality are two distinct terms, but they are very important aspect of well-being. There has been a

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Impact of Expressive Arts Therapy on Mental Health

We all love expressive art like sketches, paintings, abstract art, etc. People either like to paint or like to watch

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Awareness Health

Do you know about Atypical Depression?

According to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -5, Atypical Depression has been classified as a subtype of Major

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Legalization of Cannabis, Becoming a Threat to the US?

A clinical psychiatrist at Columbia, Irving Medical Centre published a research this month stating that high usage of Cannabis and

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Connection Between Gut- Brain & Alzheimer’s Disease: Study

Memory loss, decline in cognitive function, and behavioural changes are all symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It is a type of

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Mysterious Brain Activity Found in Dying Patients!

The topic of “What happens to our brain when we die?” has baffled scientists. But this issue interests more than

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America plans to develop mental health resources for people

The effects of mental health difficulties on public safety personnel, such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics, have come to

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Carl Jung’s Concept of Individuation

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist. He founded the field of analytical psychology. His contributions are seen in many fields

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LGBTQ+ Community, issues and prejudices faced by them

We can see that the LGBTQ+ community i.e., lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, asexual, etc., faces many problems living in

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