Gunjan Joshi

Gunjan Joshi

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Mental health matters! Being a psychologist by profession and a volunteer by choice, my passion is helping people deal with their distress inducing experiencing and situations. I help my clients which include children, adolescents, adults and families to uncover their strengths and deal effectively with their mental health issues.My education background includes M.Sc in Clinical psychology from Christ University Bangalore and MPhil in Clinical psychology from King George Medical University Lucknow. Currently, I work in a clinical capacity as a Psychologist which provides me the opportunity to leverage my academic background and deliver services in accordance with the highest level of professional standards established in our discipline. Working closely with patients on a daily basis and spending hours in conducting psychological assessments, report writing, counselling and therapy; I learn about new insights every single day.Psychology as a profession has so much more to offer than I ever could have imagined. This has made me even more passionate about learning and growing into a knowledgeable person. As there is no single approach that fits everyone, I have been trained in a range of treatment modalities like Cognitive behaviour therapy for various disorders, Contingency Management, Anger and distress tolerance and stress reduction and management to help my patients in the best way possible.

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