76% of Indian employees complain about a difficult work environment

76% of Indian employees complain about a difficult work environment

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Work-related stress is a major concern in India, as in many other countries. There are various factors unique to the Indian work system that can contribute to stress and subsequently affect workers’ performance. It includes long working hours, commutes and traffic, poor work conditions, work-life balance, uncertainty in the job and lack of mental health awareness.

1) Long Working Hours:

Many Indian workers work long duration of hours, often exceeding the standard 8 hours per day. This can lead to burnout and reduced productivity.

2) Commutes and Traffic:

In major cities of India, long and tiring commutes due to traffic can significantly add to the stress levels of workers, affecting their overall well-being and work performance.

3) Poor Work Conditions:

Some workplaces have inadequate facilities, uncomfortable workspaces, or insufficient breaks, all of which can contribute to stress.

4) Work-Life Balance:

The cultural emphasis on work, dedication can sometimes blur the boundaries between personal and professional life, making it challenging to maintain a healthy balance.

5) Uncertainty in the Job:

Job insecurity, especially in industries that are affected by economic fluctuations, can lead to chronic stress and anxiety.

6) Lack of Mental Health Awareness:

Instead of growing awareness of mental health issues, there is still a stigma around discussing mental health problems openly. This can prevent workers from seeking the necessary support.

Survey Details

The survey, conducted by ADP Research Institute, known as “People at Work 2023: A Global Workforce View” explores over 17 countries with 32,000 workers’ attitudes towards the current world of work and assesses their expectations.

Revealing’s of Survey

The survey conducted by the institute reveals that about 76% of Indian workers say that stress has a negative impact on their work performance while 49% of them express similar concerns regarding their mental health. Globally this survey reveals that almost 65% of workers said that stress negatively affects their work performance and 47% of them agree with similar statements for their well-being.

This survey also reveals that workers feel less supported by their supervisors when it comes to mental health at work. In India, this percentage has decreased in 2023 to 71% from 80% in 2022. While globally, this data has fallen from 70% to 64% in 2023.

Effect due to the Pandemic

Workers in India have been more negatively impacted as compared to other countries around the world by the pandemic due to social isolation, a line of lockdowns and restrictions, ongoing uncertainty, and increased levels of mental stress. Workers all around the globe have experienced mental distress and a sense of no control over their lives and professions.

Rahul Goyal, MD of ADP said Research Institute, “A lot of employers showed support for mental health and stress during the pandemic, but it is important for them to continue because workers still face significant work stress. An ideal workplace culture should hold deep value for both employers and workers. When individuals feel supported, they will perform better in their work.”

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