33rd Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology

33rd Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology

33rd annual convention of NAOP

National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) is going to conduct their 33rd annual convention from February 14 to 16 in partnership with the department of applied psychology, GITAM School of Humanities and Psychologs magazine.

Theme of the annual convention: “Psychology for Sustainable Development: Empowering the Future”.

The focus of the convention is on the vital role of psychology in encouraging sustainable development by addressing the psychosocial elements as well as empowers individuals and communities to establish a sustainable future for both society and themselves.

  • GITAM: Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management. It was established in 1980 directed by the surveillance of Dr. V. V. S. Murthi.
  • NAOP: National Academy of Psychology. NAOP was founded in 1987. NAOP is a professional association that involves scholars with specialization in the various psychology fields.
  • Psychologs Magazine: it’s an Indian magazine that provides a wider range of subjects regarding to mental health.

Convention Sub-themes

  • Behavioral change for sustainability: examining the utilization of psychological theories as well as evidence-based practices to affect behavior in the direction of both sustainable consumption and lifestyle behaviors.
  • Creating Resilience: analyzing the psychological aspects that allow people individually as well as a group (community) to adapt and cope with environmental changes and disruptions.
  • Using psychology as a science: applying data-driven techniques, systematic researches as well as experimentally proved interventions to examine and enhance one’s individual knowledge of both human behavior and mental health.
  • Equity, justice and well-being: assessing how psychology, social justice, and equity interact with each other in the same framework for sustainable development which focuses on the importance of both individual and community well-being for gaining the results sustainably.

The convention highlights on the crucial part of psychology in improving sustainable development efforts, emphasizes the requirement of psychological insights, treatments as well as collaborations to make more sustainable and for an equitable future.

At this convention, the psychology fraternity and people from other related fields are invited to represent their work and engage in discussions, debate as well as deliberation. It is in Vishakhapatnam. Along with the above themes, abstract submissions from the following major psychology sub-divisions are also invited:

  • Social psychology
  • Clinical & health psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Cultural/Indian psychology
  • Organizational psychology
  • Cyber psychology
  • Geropsychology
  • Military psychology
  • Psychological assessment

Registration & accommodation

The registration period starts in October 2023 which will end by the in the ending of January 2024. The organization also offers accommodation. Registration as well as the payment process regarding this can be done by the convention registration portal by using the provided link.

Conference workshops

Only those people are permitted to attend the conferences who have registered. The policy of first-come, first-served will be used for the spot confirmation, with a priority for psychology research scholars.

Additional information

Additionally, Prof. Durganand Sinha Dissertation Award as well as M.B. Sharan Best Paper Award of NAOP India will also be presented at the convention.

The scientific program involves:

  • Keynote speech
  • Speech of NAOP’s president
  • Pre and post conference seminars
  • State of art lecture
  • Lecture of Prof. Durganand Sinha Memorial
  • Symposia
  • Thematic paper sessions
  • Thematic poster sessions

For more details visit the given link: Naop33.gitam.edu

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