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Self Help

10 ways to Make Yourself Happy in the Middle Age

Without a doubt, you have a lot going on in your life right now. As a result, it’s natural that.

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State of mental health in the Corporate World

India is the land of traditions, rituals, stereotypes, and strongly held beliefs. Yes, these characteristics make us one of the.

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Mental Health Challenges Faced by 229 Inmates of Poojappura Jail

229 inmates struggling with mental health issues are experiencing a sad reality inside Poojappura jail. It is impossible to stress.

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Legalization of Cannabis, Becoming a Threat to the US?

A clinical psychiatrist at Columbia, Irving Medical Centre published a research this month stating that high usage of Cannabis and.

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Awareness Self Help

How “Decision Distress” Impact Our Performance  

Decision distress is also known as decisional conflict or decisional stress. It refers to the psychological and emotional discomfort an.

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