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Obesity Can Develop Several Mental Health Issues

The Complexity Science Hub and the Medical University of Vienna completed a thorough investigation that shows a strong correlation between.

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Self Help

Ways to control our subconscious mind

Reprogramming the subconscious mind is a very complex process that involves consistently and intentionally influencing one’s thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors..

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News Positive

IIT Delhi: Organized a Workshop on Mental Health and Wellness

The Ministry of health affairs hosted a workshop at IIT Delhi on stress management and mental health by bringing top.

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AI Can Predict Early Births in Just 31 Weeks: Research  

Preterm babies, also known as premature babies, are infants who are born before completing 37 weeks of gestation. They are.

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Awareness Social

Rising of Depression, A Major Concern In India

In India, where the prevalence of depression is alarmingly rising, it has become a serious worry. However, despite its gravity,.

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