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Man Can’t Be Held Guilty for Abetment of Wife’s Suicide unless strong evidence obtain: Supreme

The Supreme Court, while acquitting a man accused of abetting his wife’s suicide 30 years ago, ruled that unless there.

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Awareness Education

The Importance of Guidance and Counselling in Adolescents Life

Guidance and counselling in the modern age have become escalated needs because of the multiplicity of problems that the individual.

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Awareness Parenting

Understanding My Child’s ADHD

In the past few months, there have been many cases of children being labelled by their school and/or their parents.

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Comparative Psychology: Exploring the Behaviour Across all Species

Comparative psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behaviour of animals like dogs, cats, rats, pigs and other.

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Awareness Self Help

Mindfulness: Why It’s Important and How to Practice

As Dr. Daniel J. Siegel says “The power of awareness changes our well-being”, that is, being mindful and being aware.

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