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Life Style

Why Do People brag about Things?

WHY DO PEOPLE BRAG ABOUT THINGS? Neuroscientific and psychology research has recently paid a lot of attention to why people.

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Echoes From Antiquity: The Inhuman Practice of Trephination in Brain Medicine

In the field of psychology, much controversial treatment has been used in the past. It was an attempt to help.

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Barbie – A Psychological Overview of the Movie

Most of us would not have missed our chance to revisit our oldest childhood friends, “Barbie”, in theatres, some months.

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The Psychology of Simplicity

In Psychology, the simplicity principle posits that the mind draws interpretations of the world – mental models or mental representations.

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Self Help

How to handle Grief?

Grief is experienced by each individual at any stage of life. It can be the loss of an animal, a.

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