What purpose does Riasec model serve in the guidance of career planning?
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What purpose does Riasec model serve in the guidance of career planning?

Career selection is one of the major decisions we all take in our life. It requires deliberate planning and extensive introspection before choosing the career that will be most appropriate for someone. Apart from your technical skills or job demands, several other factors influence one’s career decisions, and one among them is personality. We all possess unique skills and personality traits that make each one of us distinct from others. Moreover, based on these personality traits, we can determine the best career in which we will be able to excel. A popular theory that conceptualized by John Holland to correlate the personality as well as environmental factors with one’s vocational preferences is the RIASEC model. It categorizes individuals into six personality types based on which the right career could be chosen. The following article provides a brief description regarding the RIASEC model and some of the common career options for each personality type.

Are you a student interested in spending most of the time in laboratories, doing experiments? Are you interested in manipulating tools and machines? Do you like studying about plants and animals? Are you interested in designing and construction? Are you practical and demand for a scientific validation for everything?  Are you achievement oriented and ready to work hard to attain your goals? Do you prefer working alone according to your pace? Then you are a realistic type of person. Realistic type is the first personality trait in the RIASEC model. People high on realistic type prefer working with machines and objects. They are results-driven people with high need for tangible benefits for their work. They are ready to work hard to attain those benefits and are focused and determined. They can be uncomfortable collaborating with others and prefer working alone and relying on their individual insights. People with realistic traits are high on mathematical skills, logical reasoning, mechanical skills as well as kinesthetic skills. If you are a student high on realistic type, certain professions like engineering, robotics, environment management, automobile, aviation, automation and other related fields can be suitable options for you.

The second personality trait conceptualized under the RIASEC model is investigative type. Research aptitude is the hallmark of students with investigative personality. They are curious to know the reason behind everything that occurs in the environment or society and devote much time in finding out the causal factors and related facts. They are interested in investigation and unveiling the hidden truths behind crimes or other mysteries. Like realistic type, investigative type students might be independent thinkers and prefer working alone. They are confident in their abilities and thus prefer autonomy in making decisions. Investigative people possess high analytical skills and reasoning ability. They have an inquisitive thirst for knowledge and are scholars in their field. For a student high on investigative type, research and development, investigation, data analysis, regional planning, archaeology, and survey can be the most appropriate jobs.

There are people who give an artistic touch to everything they do. Such people are highly creative and innovative. They do not believe in strict rules and wish to break all kinds of conventional thoughts and ideas. They approach problems in a novel way and are courageous enough to question those norms that they don’t believe in. They are extremely good in arts and crafts. If you are one among them, then you possess artistic traits, which is the third personality type under the RIASEC model. Artistic people are imaginative and introspective in nature. They are flexible and adaptable according to changing demands. They also have verbal and linguistic skills. A career in artistic things can be the best option for them. Besides, they can also find a job in fields like interior designing, fashion designing, animation, writing, film direction etc.

While realistic or investigative people prefer independence and working alone, certain category of individuals wish to work for other people. They are people-driven and service-oriented. They are social type of people, the fourth personality trait in RIASEC model. They are empathetic and compassionate towards others and are interested in solving others’ problems. They provide selfless service and like to collaborate and cooperate with others. They are altruistic and generous as well as good listeners and reliable friends. They are usually extraverted and outgoing in nature. Social type of individuals can be best fit for professions like teaching, counseling, advising, coaching or mentoring others; because of the outgoing nature. They can also be suitable for journalism, marketing, and media management.

Are you someone who is able to lead or guide others? Can you influence or persuade others? Can you convince others in buying any products or making a decision? Do you have excellent communication and management skills? Then you fall under the fifth dimension of RIASEC model that is the enterprising personality type. People high on enterprising skills are energetic and always active. They are self-confident, optimistic, and charismatic. This lively character combined with leadership and administrative or management skills make them an influencer and a role model for others. They are extraverted and possess exceptional communication skills that make it easy for them to persuade others. People high on enterprising type can be best suitable for business administration. Entrepreneurs, chief executive officers, managers and supervisors, HR professionals, sales and marketing professionals and other individuals in the administrative positions will be dominant on enterprising type. Politics can also be a suitable field for enterprising type.

The sixth and final personality type under the RIASEC model is the conventional personality type. They prefer traditional methodologies and working patterns. They are perfectionists and never compromise on the accuracy and quality of their work. They possess numerical and data analytical skills. They are high on conscientiousness and believe in following rules and regulations. They are well organized and systematic in nature. They can easily do tasks that involve complex calculations, as it requires high precision. They can be highly focused and give attention to every minute detail. They can be appropriate as chartered accountants, actuaries, financial analysts, bank tellers, statisticians, quality managers, legal assistants, business analysts and other similar jobs.

Holland proposed that no individual would possess single personality type. Thus, he conceptualized that every individual can have three dominant personality types among the six types and he referred to it as the Holland code. Based on the Holland code, one can analyze their personality traits and identify the best suitable career for them. In the emerging era where competition and market demands are high, it is inevitable that students need to choose the most appropriate job for them. It requires careful and conscious career planning.

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